Belief on Sainthood and Prophethood

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Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas

In short, prophets and saints are not free from trials, and have to face them more than others, but they always overcome them by the strength of their faith. Common people do not recognise them, just as they do not recognise God, and they are particularly vulnerable to deception when the loved ones of God are going through their period of trials, for they do not have the patience to wait and see what the future holds and are completely overwhelmed by the flood of deception. They fail to see that when God prunes a tree which He has Himself planted, He does not do so with the intention of destroying it, but only to help it grow and blossom so that it may yield as much fruit as possible. It is imperative for the inner purification and spiritual perfection of prophets and saints that they face these trials which serve as virtual uniforms by which these Divine soldiers are known. Whoever wins anything in a manner contrary to this, only succeeds to a degree and is not granted complete success. It is highly unfortunate that man should readily yield to suspicion and presuppose that all those who claim to be from God are cheats and swindlers and seek to serve their own interests. In time such beliefs make people harbour doubts about sainthood, and once they have rejected sainthood, they begin to have reservations about the status of prophethood, and when that, too, has been rejected, they start doubting the existence of God and think that perhaps the whole concept is a baseless fabrication and a superstition that has gradually found its way into people’s minds.

O you who love truth with your heart and soul, and you who hunger and thirst for it! Do understand that belief in sainthood and its essentials is the sine qua non for passing through this chaotic world with one’s faith intact. Sainthood helps to safeguard belief in prophethood, and belief in prophethood safeguards belief in God. Saints are like pegs that reinforce prophethood, and prophets are like nails that strengthen belief in the existence of God. Whoever fails to recognise a saint will also not succeed in recognising a prophet, and he who does not recognise a prophet will certainty fail to recognise God and is bound to be led astray. No amount of rational arguments and conventional knowledge will be of any avail to such a person.1


1. Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas, The Green Announcement (Tilford, Surrey: Islam International Publications Limited, 2008), 16-17.


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