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Sayings of The Prophet Muhammadsa

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Try to Remove Evil

Narrated by Hazrat Abu Saidra

I heard the Prophet of Allahsa say:

‘Whoever of you sees something repugnant to morals or faith, he should change it by his hand. If he has not the strength to do so, then by the word of mouth. And if he cannot do even that, then he should dislike it in his heart (and endeavour to change the situation through prayer),’ but he said that this was the weakest of faith.

All Muslims have a duty to actively prevent injustice and wrongdoing, while still remaining law-abiding and loyal to their countries. As this tradition of the Holy Prophetsa shows, Islam discourages complacency and inaction when one is a witness to injustice.

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Help Your Brother, Be He the Oppressor or the Oppressed

Narrated by Hazrat Anasra,

Said the Prophet of Allahsa:

‘Help your brother, whether he be the oppressor or the oppressed.’

The Companionsra said, ‘O Prophet of Allah, we understand that we should help him when he is the aggrieved party but how should we help him when he is the wrongdoer?’ He said,

‘Restrain his hand.’

Muslims must confront wrongdoing and prevent it, while still treating the wrongdoer, not as an enemy, but as a brother or sister. In helping prevent a person from carrying out injustice, we are actually helping them.

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A Word of Truth to the Wrongdoing Ruler is the Best Form of Jihad

Narrated by Hazrat Tariq bin Shihabra:

While the Prophet of Allahsa was setting forth on a journey and put his foot in the stirrup, a person enquired of him which jihad was the best, he said,

‘The word of truth to the wrongdoing ruler.’

In Islam, the word jihad means struggle; struggle against one’s own lower desires in order to do good. Here, this tradition highlights that while it may be difficult to speak truth to power, it is actually one of the higher moral virtues.


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