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Creating the Art – Live the Experience
Come to The Review of Religions’ exhibition 2018 this weekend taking place in the Jalsa Salana [The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community‚Äôs annual international convention] to see a live demonstration by Haji Noor Deens‘ mesmerising art of calligraphy. In one part of our exhibition themed ‘Islam in the East: Journeys along the Silk Road‘ the visitors will […] (Musa Sattar - UK)
Discharging Equal Rights Can Help Establish Peace
The failure of the UN to restore peace is rapidly drawing the world towards the brink of another world war. The 1929 Depression led to World War II and a similar situation prevails today. (Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad - Khalifatul Masih V(aba))
Islam in China
Analysis of how Islam entered and established itself in China, and how Muslims are living in China today. (Fazal Ahmad - UK)
Social Integration
With asylum and immigration re-emerging as political issues, how should migrants integrate with their hosts. Sound pratical advice on assimilation of values. (Naseer Ahmad Qamar)
One of the fundamentals of Islam is that it requires a belief in all the prophets of God. (Mansoor Saqi - UK)