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Mary(as), Mother of Jesus(as)
The New Testament mentions Mary(as) in the story of Jesus’s(as) birth but remains silent about her early childhood, family and the rest of her life. Young innocent Mary(as) was oblivious to the world, focused in the worship of God only to suddenly be told that she is with a fatherless child. News of expecting a […] (Navida Sayed - UK)
Mary: A Personal Reflection
Born as a Catholic and a convert to Ahmadiyyat Islam, Imam Ibrahim Noonan reflects on the significance of Mary in the Catholic church as well as what we can learn about her from Gospel accounts. (Ibrahim Noonan; Galway - Ireland)
Significance of Christmas
Examining the birth of Jesus(as), December 25th and the wise men of the East. (Fazal Ahmad - UK)
Refutation of the Christians’ Faith in the Unity of God – Part 15
On the Unity of God and the need to abstain from associating partners with God: The domain of the Creator and the created are separate. Associating partners with God includes not only worship of any created thing but extends to such devotion to material means that the Provider of the means is forgotten. (Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad - The Promised Messiah and Mahdi (as))
Was Jesus(as) the Son of David(as)?
Qur’anic and Biblical evidence regarding the geneology of Jesus(as) proves that if he is to be traced from Joseph, his father, then the lineage to Davis(as) is unclear. On the other hand, the lineage to Mary, traces him to Imran. (Iqbal Ahmad Najam)
The Immaculate Conception
‘We breathed into her Our Spirit’ is misconstrued as implicating God in a paternal role: Understanding the physical and spiritual birth of Jesus(as). (Moosa Qureshi - UK)
Women in the Holy Qur’an
A clear and concise look at Islamic issues considered by many as oppressive but which in fact provide women with much rights and status than any modern day legislation. (Tehmeena Luqman - USA)
Muslim Beliefs in Jesus Christ(as)
A review of the various Islamic schools of thought surrounding the life and mission of Jesus(as). (Dr. Kaleem Malik - USA)
Euphesus – Turning Points for Christianity
Paul and John visited this town in Turkey, with its caves where Christians fled persecution and where a council changed Mary’s status. (Fazal Ahmad - UK)
Christ in the Quran
The Word of God, The Spirit of God, Mediator, …