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Significance of Christmas
Examining the birth of Jesus(as), December 25th and the wise men of the East. (Fazal Ahmad - UK)
Native American Beliefs
How spiritual beliefs of Native Americans are similar to those of mainstream religions. (Fazal Ahmad - UK)
The Immaculate Conception
‘We breathed into her Our Spirit’ is misconstrued as implicating God in a paternal role: Understanding the physical and spiritual birth of Jesus(as). (Moosa Qureshi - UK)
Death on the Cross?
Ten undeniable proofs that Jesus(as) did not die on the cross. (Maulana Abul-Atta Jalandhri)
Muslim Beliefs in Jesus Christ(as)
A review of the various Islamic schools of thought surrounding the life and mission of Jesus(as). (Dr. Kaleem Malik - USA)
The Prophecy Plot
(Naeem Osman)
When was Jesus Born?
Christ in the Quran
The Word of God, The Spirit of God, Mediator, …