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The Beginning of Creation in Scriptures of Different Religions
Did Anything Except God Exist Before Creation? (Dr Mirza Sultan Ahmad – Rabwah Pakistan)
From the Archives: Islam and Science – Concordance or Conflict?
Late Nobel Laureate in Physics undertakes a fascinating exploration into the relationship between Islam and science. (Professor Abdus Salam)
Does God Exist?
The search for the Ultimate Truth has dogged mankind since the beginning of time. Is it possible that there is a Creator Who preceded existence? (Sayed Hameedullah Nusrat Pasha - Rabwah Pakistan)
Prophecies Made in the Past about the Future Prove that God Exists
A fascinating analysis of how the train, camels, Galileo, Hubble’s Law, and Einstein help demonstrate the presence of a Supreme Being. (Prof. Saleh Muhammad Allahdin - India)
Existence of God
An attempt to answer the fundamental question: Does God exist? An analysis of the views of Atheists and Theists on the origins of the universe. (Rafi Ahmad - Ph.D - USA)
Views of Scientists on the Existence of God
The search for scientific truth has resulted in the inevitability of the existence of God and the realisation that the universe was not created by chance. (Prof. Saleh Muhammad Allahdin - India)
Cosmology and the Quran
(Sayyed Mahmood Ahmad)