God Summit


SPECIAL MESSAGE by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (aba) for the God Summit 2022

The Review of Religions is honoured to present the concluding, historic and special video message delivered by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (aba) for the global God Summit 2022


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DATES: Saturday 14th May & Sunday 15th May, 2022


Please note the time in your corresponding time zone

2:30 PM BST (British Summer Time)

3:30 PM CEST

9:30 AM EST

6:30 AM PDT

4:30 PM IDT

*The event will start at the same time on both days



The God Summit will be streamed LIVE on The Review of Religions YouTube channel.

For viewers in Africa the God Summit will be broadcast LIVE on MTA Africa via satellite.

This year’s Summit will feature a brand new array of moving true stories of people around the world, compelling talks and presentations by top Jama’at scholars and various live segments from different countries.

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Teaser Trailer

The God Summit 2022 Programme

Saturday 14th May & Sunday 15th May 2022

Stream begins at 1:30 PM GMT (2:30 PM BST)

*The following is subject to changes and is not necessarily the order in which the programme will be broadcast


Day 2

God, Where Are You?
Aamna Malik (UK)
When Aamna Malik discovers Islam Ahmadiyyat, her reality is challenged. As she begins to uncover the truth, she must face a life-changing decision.
Does God Still Speak? Australia Reacts
Kamran Mubashir Tahir (Australia)
Missionary, Perth, Western Australia
Kamran Mubashir takes to the streets of Sydney, Australia, asking the public if they believe God still speaks today.
Spoken Word Poem
Abdul Moomen Muslim (Ghana)
Volunteer, MTA Africa
A unique poetic description of the inspiring past and vast potential of Africa.
2:20 PM (GMT)
Little Legends: God Summit Special
MTA Canada
A special episode of the popular MTA kids show, Little Legends, with a God Summit twist.
The Dream that Saved a Life
Dr. Hameedat Omoyele-Abdussalam (Nigeria)
When Dr. Omoyele finds herself in the midst of an emergency in her clinic, she faces almost certain failure. With time running out, she has no choice but to turn to God for a miracle.
Coffee Shop Conversations: The London Youth
Sabah Uddin Ahmedi (UK)
Missionary, Central Press and Media Department
‘The Young Imam’ sits down over coffee with Khuddam from London as they unpack what it means to believe in God in a hyper-materialistic world pushing and pulling in every direction except the spiritual.
Demystifying Destiny
Abdul Ghany Jahangeer Khan (UK)
Missionary, Head of Central French Desk
Amidst the chaos of life, do we really make our own decisions? Or has everything already been decided for us? Abdul Ghany Jahangeer Khan eloquently breaks down one of the biggest questions of our reality in this fascinating masterclass.
What We Leave Behind
Late Kamal Aftab
A story of courage and resolve against all odds; the lasting legacy of Kamal Aftab, a true servant of God and His creation.
Five Questions with a CEO About God
Mujeeb Ijaz (USA)
CEO of an alternative energy company
We put some deep questions to a leader from the US in alternative energy technologies about God, faith and the inner workings of balancing both worlds.
Wearing Faith on my Sleeve
Presenter: Dr. Sarah Waseem (UK), Dr. Fariha Khan (UK), Zakiyah bin Salih (Ghana), Khola Hubsch (Germany), Manal Odeh (Kababir)
The dress of a Muslim woman sends a clear message about her identity. An international panel of Muslim women discuss the practical impact of this on their lives and their relationship with God.
Allah is Your Friend
Rafiyq Friend (USA)
All the way from the iconic city of Philadelphia, Rafiyq Friend recounts his own heart-warming experiences and golden moments shared with his closest friend – God Almighty.
Making Sense of Faith
Jonathan Butterworth (UK) & Dr. Umar Nasser (UK)
Jonathan Butterworth: Editorial Board, The Review of Religions, Dr. Umer Nasser: Rational Religion – National Department of Tabligh, UK
In this Podcast, Umar and Jonathan debunk some of the most popular misgivings about faith, and get personal about some inspiring stories from their own journeys.
Islam Ahmadiyya: A Miracle of Life
Nada Al-Shendaghli (Canada)
When a Syrian woman’s father appears to her in a dream, he comes bearing a surprising message. The true story of how one woman paved her path toward Ahmadiyyat with resilience against years of trial.
The Case for God’s Existence
Dr. Tahir Nasser (UK)
Rational Religion – National Department of Tabligh, UK
Dr. Tahir Nasser eloquently sets forth some of the most compelling rational arguments for the existence of Allah Almighty.
Umar Gyasi (Ghana) & Hiiba Faruk (Ghana)
Umar Gyasi: Missionary, National Coordinator for The Review of Religions in Ghana, Hiiba Faruk: Administrative Officer and Volunteer, MTA Africa
A documentary presented by Umar Gyasi & Hiiba Faruk who help expose some of the most famous and prevalent lies about magic and superstition through the light of Islam.
God in Silicon Valley
Sabahat Ali (USA)
Missionary, Editor, The Existence Project of The Review of Religions
From Stanford University and San Jose to San Francisco, Sabahat Ali speaks to and challenges the people of Silicon Valley on the deepest questions of their existence.
6:40 PM (GMT)
LIVE: The Most Searched Questions About God (UK)
Presenter: Usman Butt
Panelist: Abdul Quddus Arif
Usman Butt: Missionary UK, The Review of Religions YouTube Team
Abdul Quddus Arif: Missionary, Lecturer Jamia Ahmadiyya UK, Sadr Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya UK

Day 1

Never Say Never
Fasih Uddin Malik (Canada)
 Waqif-e-Zindagi (Life-Devotee) – MTA International Canada Studios
When a teenage Fasih Uddin wakes up one day, his family is shaken with some painful news. A moving story of grit, perseverance and – above all – unwavering faith in God.
Is the God Conversation Dead?
Sarmad Naveed (Canada)
Missionary, Online Editor, The Review of Religions
With opinions from Africa, Europe and North America, Sarmad Naveed explores whether it’s even worth having the conversation about God. Have modern advancements closed the God conversation, or are there still voids left to be filled?
Khilafat: Our Lifeline
Bashir Odeh (Kababir)
When 12-year-old Bashir complains of a sharp pain in his chest to his mother, doctors soon reveal some troubling news.
Prayer Tips in 60 Seconds
Farrukh Tahir (Canada)
Missionary, Editorial Board, The Review of Religions
A series of short videos exploring the mysterious world of prayer and the secrets unraveled by the Promised Messiah (as) about improving our prayers and being heard by the Heavens.
Falling in Love with Prayer
Maria Isabel Losa Serna (UK)
Deputy Editor, The Review of Religions En Español
 On her journey to discovering God, Marissa comes across the Islamic method of prayer. Curious, she decides to test the power of prostration. This is the story of what she uncovers and how her life is never quite the same again.
2:50 PM (GMT)
Kids Space – The God Summit 2022 Special
MTA Social Media
Qamar Zafar and the Kids Space crew are back…and a mysterious bear is on the loose. Join them for a quirky and fun-filled adventure. And this time, its all about the existence of God.
The Many Powers of Prayer
Reem Shraiky (UK)
Translator & Researcher, Central Translation & Research Office
Reem Shraiky elaborates the etiquettes and blessings of prayer in our lives and the hereafter.
I Need to Know
Mansoor Mirza (Canada)
Local Youth Leader, MKA Canada
As a young Ahmadi, Mansoor Mirza grew up with Islam all around him. But he was soon compelled to test its truth for himself and verify the existence of God personally. This is the story of what he discovered.
The Great Comet of 1882
Dr. Munazza Alam (USA)
Astronomer, Deputy Editor, The Review of Religions Science Section
Dr. Munazza Alam, an astronomer, narrates a prophecy and heavenly celestial sign that was witnessed by two hemispheres and across many nations of the globe, elaborating some historic scientific findings along the way.
The 90-Year Journey
Raqeeb Wali (USA)
A heart-warming, first person account of an Ahmadi Muslim from the West Coast of the USA.
The Hearts that Beat for Humanity
Zubair Hayat (UK)
Waqif-e-Zindagi [Life-Devotee], Reporter for The Review of Religions
Khilafat: A Living Proof of God
Sharif Odeh (Kababir)
Amir Jama’at Kababir
Sharif Odeh shares some faith inspiring moments where he witnessed the grand blessings of Khilafat, a Divine institution established by God.
The Existence Project in LA
Sabahat Ali (USA)
Missionary, Editor, The Existence Project of The Review of Religions
Between a cerulean pool and a flaming grill, the Khuddam of Los Angeles spend a unique evening dishing out their toughest questions about God and faith to Sabahat Ali, a Missionary and Editor of The Existence Project.
A Miracle in Nigeria
Maryam Alli-Balogun & Shakirah Akinpelu (Nigeria)
After a smooth and healthy pregnancy, the parents of a new born to-be are faced with some disquieting news. Little do they know it is only the first in a series of faith-testing revelations that compel them to turn to Allah like never before.
Many Faiths, One God
Fazal Ahmad (UK)
Editor, Comparative Religions Section, The Review of Religions
Fazal Ahmad explores the multitude of ancient peoples and their concept of God, demonstrating the amazing uniformity found in different eras and societies in human history.
“My Mercy Encompasses Everything”
Maulana Azhar Haneef (USA)
Naib Amir & Missionary In-charge Jama’at USA
In this masterclass on the mercy of God, Maulana Azhar Haneef expertly expounds upon the unceasing ocean of God’s mercy and the inspiring philosophy of perpetual hope.
A Muslim Woman’s Identity
Rabia Chaudhry (USA)
Candidate, Masters in Social Work
Rabia Chaudhry reveals the oft-unspoken power of being a Muslimah in the West and her personal account of carrying her Ahmadi Muslim identity in all spheres of life with confidence, poise and success.
World War One: Fulfilment of a Great Warning
Dr. Bilal Tahir (UK)
Head of The Review of Religions Research Desk & Assistant Professor, University of Sheffield
Dr. Bilal Tahir unveils the astonishing connection between a Divine prophecy and a war that shook the world.
Marriage – The Classroom for Learning Divine Love
Sabah Uddin & Melissa Ahmedi (UK), Nasir & Khalida Bonsu (Ghana), Nasiruddin Ahmad & Lubna Malik (USA)
Three couples from three continents are asked five questions about the relationship between their faith and marriage.
The Name of God Through the Ages
Mansoor Dahri (UK)
Waqif-e-Zindagi [Life-Devotee], Online Editor, The Review of Religions
Exploring how language has described the Divine, Mansoor Dahri takes a look at the variations of the names of God Almighty through the ages in different faiths.
The 9 Summits: A Mountaineer’s Oath
Late Abdul Waheed Warraich
The moving story of a man who undertook a mountainous mission: to bring the flag of Ahmadiyyat to the literal corners of the Earth.
Inspiring Accounts: How God Guides the Khalifa
Presenter: Shahzad Ahmed (UK)
Panelist: Munir Odeh (UK)
Shahzad Ahmed: Missionary, Associate Editor, The Review of Religions
Munir Odeh: Waqif-e-Zindagi [Life-Devotee], Director of MTA International Productions
Munir Odeh shares some of the precious pearls and sweet memories he has with various Khulafa over the years.
7:30 PM (GMT)
LIVE: Q&A on the Existence of God and Related Matters (USA)
Presenter: Sarmad Naveed
Panelists: Maulana Azhar Hanif & Sabahat Ali
Sarmad Naveed: Missionary, Online Editor The Review of Religions, Maulana
Azhar Hanif: Naib Amir & Missionary In-charge Jama’at USA,
Sabahat Ali: Missionary, Editor, The Existence Project of The Review of Religions
Science & Faith – Worlds Apart?
Christine Sharif (UK)
Christine Sharif shares the endearing story of how God Almighty unveiled His existence to her through the language that she spoke best – the language of science.
The Timeless Question of Suffering
Ayyaz Mahmood Khan (UK)
Missionary, Central Department of Publications
In this thought-provoking masterclass, Ayyaz Mahmood Khan takes on one of the oldest questions ever asked by humans: why does suffering exist and how do we reconcile it with a Loving Creator?