The Holy Prophet Muhammadsa

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Deference Towards Servants of Humanity
He paid special deference to those who devoted their time and substance to the service of mankind.
The Arab tribe, the Banu Ta’i started hostilities against the Prophetsa and in the ensuing battle, their forces were defeated and some were taken prisoner. One of these was the daughter of Hatim Ta’i, whose generosity had become a proverb amongst the Arabs. When Hatim’s daughter informed the Holy Prophetsa of her parentage he treated her with great consideration and as a result of her intercession, he remitted all the penalties imposed upon her people on account of their aggression.[1,2]

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2. Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmadra, Life of Muhammadsa (UK: Islam International Publications Limited, 2014) 248.

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