The Holy Prophet Muhammadsa

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A man once came to the Holy Prophetsa and said: “O Messengersa of Allah! I suffer from three evils: falsehood, indulgence in strong drinks and fornication. I have tried my utmost to get rid of them but have not succeeded. Will you tell me what to do?”The Prophetsa replied: “If you make a firm promise to me to give up one of them I guarantee that you will be rid of the other two.” The man promised and asked the Prophetsa to tell him which of the three he should give up. The Prophetsa said: “Give up falsehood.” Some time later the man came
back and told the Holy Prophetsa that having followed his advice, he was now free from all three vices. The Prophetsa asked him for the details of his struggle and the man said: “One day I wanted to indulge in liquor and was about to do so when I bethought myself of my promise to you and realised that if any of my friends asked me whether I had taken liquor, I would have to admit it as I could no longer utter a falsehood. This would mean that I would acquire an evil reputation among my friends and they would in future avoid me. Thinking thus, I persuaded myself to postpone drinking to some later occasion and was able to withstand the temptation at the time. In the same way when I found myself inclined towards fornication I argued with myself that indulgence in the vice would expose me to the loss of the esteem of my friends as I would either have to tell a falsehood if questioned by them, thus breaking my promise to you, or I would have to admit my sin. In this way I continued to struggle between my resolve to fulfill my promise to you and my desire to indulge in liquor and in adultery. When some time had passed I began to lose the inclination to indulge in these vices and the resolve to keep away from falsehood has now saved me from the other two also.”[1]

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The Holy Prophetsa laid great stress upon mutual cooperation. He had made it a rule that if any person was called upon to pay a sum of money by way of penalty, and was unable to put up the whole amount, his neighbours or his fellow-citizens or his fellow-tribesmen should make up the amount by rais- ing a subscription. People sometimes came and took up their residence near the Prophetsa, devoting their time to the service of Islam in various ways. He always counselled their relatives to assume the responsibility of providing for their modest requirements. It is reported by Anasra that during the time of the Holy Prophetsa, two brothers accepted Islam and one of them stayed on with the Holy Prophetsa while the other continued with his normal occupa- tion. The latter, later on, complained to the Holy Prophetsa that his brother was spending his time in idleness. The Holy Prophetsasaid: “God provides for you also on account of your brother and it behoves you therefore to make provision for him and leave him free to serve the Faith.”[1],[2]

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