Untold Stories

Untold stories


The following incident is narrated by Imam Ataul Mujeeb Rashed, who served as National President and Missionary in Charge in Japan during the years 1975 to 1983.

Once, a young man from an insurance company came to our mission house in Tokyo. As the two of us sat down, he asked me if I had life insurance. My reply was, “Yes, I do.” He continued, “Then how much is the premium which you have to pay them?” I informed him that the insurance which I have taken requires me to pay 10% of whatever I earn, monthly. I continued to tell him that I had also committed 1/10th of whatever money or property I left behind posthumously to this company, before my inheritance was distributed. His response was, “That is very high! That is too high! What company is it and what do they give you in return for this?” I answered that this insurance company undertakes to look after me and my family for the next seven generations in return for what I pay. He then said, “That is a very good policy, though the premium you have to pay is very high. Tell me, what is the name of this company and where is it located?” I told him that it is called Al-Wassiyyat (‘The Will’). Its headquarters are in Pakistan, but it is a global scheme and its branches are established throughout the world. This company is very popular and its membership is increasing very rapidly. Not only does it give me life insurance, but also after-life insurance! After listening to all of this his final remarks were, “This is, no doubt, a very good offer. Although it has a high premium, yet it is very good.”

This incident illustrates how even in the eyes of non-Muslims, the blessed schemes of the revival of Islam are considered very prudent and beneficial. All praise belongs to Allah Almighty!

Fezia Maqsood, London

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