The Holy Prophet Muhammadsa

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Abu Hurairahra relates: The Holy Prophetsa addressed us and said, “O ye people. Allah has prescribed the Pilgrimage for you, so mind that you perform it.” A man asked, “Messenger of Allahsa, is it prescribed every year?” The Holy Prophetsa kept silent till the man had repeated his question three times. Then the Holy Prophetsa observed, “Had I said yes, it would have become obligatory and you could not have afforded it.” Then he added, “Leave me alone so long as I do not impose anything on you. Some who were before you were ruined by their habit of asking too many questions and differing with their Prophets. Thus when I direct you to do something carry out my direction as far as it is within your power and when I forbid you anything then leave it altogether.”[1]
Abu Hurairahra relates that he heard the Holy Prophetsa say, “He who performs the Pilgrimage without indulging in vain talk or committing any default returns from the Pilgrimage as pure as he was on the day his mother bore him.”[2]
Abu Hurairahra relates that the Holy Prophetsa said, “Umrah followed by another Umrah atones for that which is between the two and the only reward of the Pilgrimage is Paradise.”[3]
A woman asked the Holy Prophetsa, “Messenger of Allahsa, the Pilgrimage has been imposed by Allah on his servants at a time when my father has reached extreme old age and has not the strength to ride an animal. Shall I perform the Pilgrimage on his behalf?” He answered, “Yes.”[4]


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