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Women’s Responsibilities: Fulfilling the Conditions of Bai’at

Lajna uk Ijtema 2015

After reciting Tashahhud, Ta’awuz and Surah Al-Fatihah, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaba said:

“With the Grace of Allah, today the national Ijtema of Lajna Imaillah UK is reaching its conclusion.[1] You, who are the members of Lajna Imaillah, are those ladies and girls who have accepted the Imam of the Age, the Promised Messiahas. Always remember that the Jama’at founded by the Promised Messiahas is that Jama’at, which according to the commands of Allah given in the Holy Qur’an and according to the prophecies of the Holy Prophet of Islamsa, was to be established in the latter days. At the time of the Promised Messiahas the written text of the Holy Qur’an was preserved in its original form and there were still vast numbers of people who called themselves Muslims in the world. There were a vast number of people who had memorised the Holy Qur’an. However, in truth the vast majority had completely forgotten the true teachings of the Holy Qur’an. Thus, Allah the Almighty sent the Promised Messiahas to establish a Community who would once again manifest the true teachings of Islam in the world. Indeed, the Promised Messiahas said that Allah desires for his Jama’at to be an example to all others. He explained that to be an example means that when others see or hear you, they are influenced and seek to imitate what they have witnessed.

So today you are those people who, having entered the fold of the Promised Messiahas, have pledged to live your lives according to Islam’s true teachings and to spread them far and wide. On another occasion the Promised Messiahas said that his followers should forsake all types of personal desires and emotions, because having claimed to be Ahmadis and having claimed to follow the true teaching of Islam, others would surely look at them extremely critically. He said that others will assess the standards of his followers and so it was imperative that Ahmadi Muslims maintained the very highest standards of morals and kept only good habits. He said his followers must always follow the commands of Allah so that no one could cast aspersions on them, or say that they were not good Muslims or there was no difference between Ahmadis and others. Therefore, every Ahmadi, man and woman, should understand their heavy responsibilities. If they do not set a positive example to others then it will not only reflect badly upon them, but upon the entire Jama’at. Whether a person is a member of Lajna Imaillah, Khuddamul Ahmadiyya or Majlis Ansarullah, they must always seek to abide by the true teachings of Islam.[2] Certainly, if their own examples are weak then their Tabligh and efforts to convey true Islam will have no impact and no one will listen to them. The Promised Messiahas has also said that if his Community wishes to be considered a true Jama’at then it is essential that all members set aside their personal desires and wishes for the sake of their faith.

Indeed, on countless occasions the Promised Messiahas has given us instructions and most beautiful guidance that we must always keep in view. Lajna Imaillah includes the books of the Promised Messiahas in its educational syllabus and many members do read them, and some even give test papers about them. We also regularly quote the books of the Promised Messiahas at Jalsas [Annual Conventions] and Ijtemas [Gatherings] in our addresses and speeches.

However the real question is, to what extent are we acting upon his words and his instructions? For example, the Promised Messiahas said that every Ahmadi should read his book Kishti-e-Nuh (Ark of Noah) repeatedly. This book also contains a lot of guidance for Ahmadi women, because the Promised Messiahas has written about the qualities and virtues that women should seek and how they should live their lives. Remember, there are three types of people. Firstly, there are people who do not have knowledge or information and so if they make mistakes they can be forgiven. Secondly, those people who have knowledge of what is right and yet still act in the wrong way and so they will obviously be held to account for their actions. The third type of people are those who have knowledge of what is right but knowingly act contrary to those teachings whilst still instructing others to reform themselves. This can only be classed as pure hypocrisy. It is therefore essential that before looking at others, every Ahmadi Muslim looks at himself and assesses his or her own state. They must question if they are truly following the teachings of the Promised Messiahas, they must truthfully assess whether they are abstaining from immorality and sin? First and foremost, it is the duty of the Jama’at and Lajna office bearers to spiritually and morally reform themselves.

© nuttakit | shutterstock
© nuttakit | shutterstock

Only if they pay attention to this can they ensure the Tarbiyyat and moral training of other Ahmadis and set an example for others to follow. However, if office bearers do not uphold the correct standards it will negatively impact the entire Jama’at. So again I reiterate that first of all the office bearers must realise their personal responsibilities and look at their own standards. Our system is such that if every office bearer from the grass roots level to the regional and national levels is able to bring about a positive change in themselves, automatically it will mean that around 50% of our membership will be those who are following the true teachings of Islam. They will be a means of inspiring our young girls and other members towards goodness and virtue. They will show others that giving precedence to your faith over all worldly matters means to set aside your personal desires for the sake of Allah the Almighty. I have already mentioned that the Promised Messiahas said that it was essential that Ahmadis read his books for the sake of their own moral training. He also said that it was imperative that every Ahmadi reads the Holy Qur’an repeatedly and sought to understand its true meanings and to live their lives according to its commandments. Furthermore, the Promised Messiahas said it was essential to seek the nearness of Allah the Almighty and the way to do this is to develop a great love of worship and prayer within one’s home.

As mothers you can only inculcate a love of worship within your children when you yourself fulfil the rights of worship and perform all your prayers, and manifest true devotion to God. The Promised Messiahas has repeatedly counselled the members of his Jama’at to show love and compassion to each other because without this the unity of our Jama’at will be compromised. He taught that each Ahmadi should display true love and affection to others and that if they did so, Allah would show love to them. Certainly Allah’s love is the means to true peace and contentment. Therefore, always seek to spread compassion and kindness within society.

You should not just hope for the best for yourself and your families, but should desire that all people are able to love with peace, security and in comfort. We claim to show love for all and so our love should not just be exhibited towards others but we must display love amongst ourselves. Thus, do not speak ill of others but instead help and care for one another.

 Muslim children praying in a mosque. © Distinctive Images |
Muslim children praying in a mosque.
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Do not spread rumours or highlight the weaknesses of others, rather share their burdens and try to remove their difficulties and provide ease for them. Always remember that Allah has said in the Qur’an that true believers are those who maintain a spirit of compassion and sympathy. And so those who wish to be counted amongst true believers and who wish to follow the true teachings of the Holy Qur’an must always display love, empathy and kindness. If you respect others and are openhearted you will see that many bad habits such as speaking ill of others will naturally die away and this is extremely important in today’s society.

Recently, I laid the foundation stone for a new mosque both in Holland and in Germany. In both countries female non-Muslim guests commented that what the Khalifah has said is excellent and is a means of spreading peace and love in the world. However, they also said that they would now wait and see if the Ahmadis lived up to his words and followed these beautiful teachings. Therefore, do not have any doubt that people’s eyes are on you and they wish to see if Ahmadis practise what they preach. Thus, all Ahmadis and all Lajna members must understand the expectations that the Promised Messiahas had of us and try our utmost to fulfil them so that we can be ambassadors of true Islam. With great anguish the Promised Messiahas also said that until an Ahmadi understands the reality of what is meant and required by their Bai’at they cannot attain true freedom and salvation.[3] He said that we should not just superficially note the words of the Bai’at, but should seek to understand its true essence and meaning. He said that only when an Ahmadi truly understands what Bai’at represents can they fulfil its requirements.

Regarding the conditions of Bai’at, I gave a series of sermons that were later published as a book and earlier this year I also gave a sermon about how to live your life in light of the conditions of Bai’at. These are all easily available. Certainly we should constantly reflect upon the conditions of our pledge and the Lajna administration should also ensure that the requirements and conditions of Bai’at are discussed and taught at Lajna events and meetings.

If we look at the very first condition of Bai’at, each Ahmadi pledges to avoid all forms of Shirk, which is associating partners with Allah. There are actually many types of Shirk, and so we must avoid them at all costs. In our daily lives things that may be considered as relatively insignificant can also be classified as Shirk and so we must be extremely watchful. For example, if you praise someone in order to fulfil your own purpose or to gain benefit, it is a form of Shirk. Another example is where a person pursues his own personal desires to such an extent that he forgets the duties he owes to Allah.

 International Bai’at (Oath of Allegiance) Ceremony at the hand of Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmadaba.
International Bai’at (Oath of Allegiance) Ceremony at the hand of Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmadaba.

Another condition of Bai’at is that an Ahmadi must avoid all forms of falsehood. It is not enough to only forgo deceit, but it is also the duty of an Ahmadi to establish truth. If all our Ahmadi women sought to abandon all forms of falsehood collectively and to establish nothing but truth, it would lead to the widespread reformation of the members of our Jama’at. This is because our women train their children and if they are able to inculcate the importance of truth within them it will have a huge, a long-lasting effect, InshaAllah [God-Willing].

The Promised Messiahas has also said that Ahmadis should abstain from saying anything that can cause conflict or disturbance to others. Repeatedly he spoke about how we should never seek to usurp the rights of others or to act unjustly. The Promised Messiahas spoke about the importance of obedience and to abide by the Nizaam of the Jama’at.[4] Thus there is a great responsibility on each Ahmadi to obey the Khalifah of the time and through him the Nizaam of the Jama’at. The Promised Messiahas has said his followers should seek to suppress their personal aspirations, because Satan uses such desires to try and push people into the wrong direction.

This too is an extremely important teaching that you should always keep in view. In the conditions of Bai’at the Promised Messiahas also stipulated that an Ahmadi must never seek to cause pain or harm to anyone whether they are Ahmadi or not. Always remember that the conditions of Bai’at and the instructions of the Promised Messiahas are the means for true salvation and are the means of peace and harmony in our lives. These are the values that are required more than ever in today’s society. These are the means for bringing people closer to their Creator. They are the means of establishing peace in our homes. It is these values that we must treasure and inculcate into our children so that our future generations grow to become those who value their faith and who bear the highest moral standards. These are the values we must instil in our children so they prove to be shining examples of Islam’s true teachings.

In my recent tour I spoke about these Islamic values at a function in Germany and upon hearing my words a local German lady said she was extremely delighted to hear that these were Islamic principles and values. She said there was no doubt that such values were the keys to peace both in a person’s home and in the wider society. She said these were the very values she wished to instil in her children. However, unfortunately in school sometimes they taught things contrary to this in the name of freedom. All of you who are part of Lajna Imaillah, who claim to be the servants of Allah, must therefore understand your responsibilities towards your children! You must establish the very highest standards and values within your homes. You must act according to Allah’s commands. This is of particular importance considering you are living in a society where it is easy for our children to be misled or misguided.

Sometimes children can pick up wrong things or habits from their schools or outside. And so you must give ample time to your children. You must explain to them what is right and what is wrong. You must instil within them those values that are to be cherished and protected. You must explain Islamic teachings to them and tell them that these are the commands of Allah and it was to re-establish these values that Allah sent the Promised Messiahas.

Students are easily in uenced in school and should be guided in the right way by their parents. © hxdbzxy |
Students are easily infuenced in school and should be guided in the right way by their parents.
© hxdbzxy |

In terms of their school education, of course you should encourage your children to learn and to attain the highest standards. However, if in the name of freedom the schools ever teach things that are contrary to Islam then you should explain clearly to your children what your values and beliefs are. This is a great responsibility laid before you, because one day the world’s reformation will be the task of your children. Certainly Allah has given the task of the reformation of the world to the Jama’at of the Promised Messiahas and so we must pay heed to this great responsibility. Only then will we be able to protect our societies and to guide others towards the true teachings of Islam. Only then will we be able to save our children and future generations.

With the Grace of Allah the word’s attention and focus is moving in the direction of our Jama’at. People are starting to recognise us and listen to our message. Each day Allah is opening new avenues of Tabligh and this is something some of you will have experienced yourselves. However, as these doors open, it becomes even more important that each Ahmadi seeks to bring about those pious changes that the Promised Messiahas desired from his followers. Through such changes the doors of Tabligh will continue to open InshaAllah.

In this era Allah the Almighty has also enabled our Jama’at to benefit from modern forms of communication and the media. This is proving a great means of spreading the message of Islam far and wide. For example, through MTA the message of our Jama’at is reaching all corners of the world.[5]

Young boy watching television. © Angela Waye |
Young boy watching television.
© Angela Waye |

However, this also increases our responsibilities because those who are hearing our message will also look in our direction to see if we are practising what we preach. If they observe that the teachings we are conveying are pure, but the standards of the Ahmadis themselves are weak, then instead of having a positive impact it may have the opposite effect. It is also possible that if others hear our message, but feel that old Ahmadis are not living up to their required standards they will take it upon themselves to spread the true teachings of Islam and live their lives accordingly. In that case the success and progress of our Jama’at, the Jama’at of the Promised Messiahas, will be aligned to those pious newcomers and those left behind will be deprived of these blessings. Thus, do not let yourselves fall behind. Rather, seek to be at the forefront of conveying the truth of Ahmadiyyat, not only with your words, but with your conduct and deeds. Be the sources of light that illuminate the truth of Islam.

As I have said today we are able to utilise modern technology to convey our teachings. Apart from MTA we also have Jama’at websites in which programmes and books filled with knowledge and information are easily available. You must seek to avail these resources and constantly increase in your knowledge.

In terms of MTA, every Lajna member should attach themselves to it and be regular in watching its programmes. At the very least they should ensure they watch my Friday Sermons and the other programmes of Khalifatul Masih. And they should make sure their children also sit and listen. Those girls who have grown up here in the UK should also ensure they are closely attached to MTA and the Jama’at websites. They should make sure they watch the programmes of Khalifa-e-Waqt as this will be the means of their spiritual and moral development and will increase their religious knowledge.

MTA is a source of knowledge and guidance for mothers and their children.
MTA is a source of knowledge and guidance for mothers and their children.

In all parts of the world people are joining the fold of Ahmadiyyat, having recognised its truth by watching MTA. For example recently a man from an extremely tiny and remote island near France wrote that somehow he had come across MTA and my sermon was being broadcast. In the sermon I spoke about the death of Jesus Christas and after listening to it the man said he was quite certain it was the correct teaching. He then went on the Internet to research the Jama’at and watched our programmes on YouTube; and after doing so he said he was sure of the truth of Ahmadiyyat. And so with the Grace of Allah he did Bai’at. There are also many Ahmadi women who join our Jama’at and are extremely strong in their faith. For example, when I was recently in Holland, I met an Ahmadi lady who had two children and who had come from France to meet me. She told me that after accepting Ahmadiyyat her husband had rejected her and removed her from her home. However, she remained firm and resolute in her faith in Ahmadiyyat. Naturally most women wish to live comfortable lives with their families and to live with comfort and ease. Yet still, there are women who are ready to bear all forms of hardship and difficulty and persecution for the sake of their faith and belief in the Promised Messiahas. That is the state of a true believer; that he or she is willing to sacrifice all forms of comfort and to patiently bear all trials and tribulations for the sake of their faith.

The vast majority of you are those who were born Ahmadi and so you don’t face such difficulties or problems. Thus, you should always be extremely thankful to Allah for the blessings He has bestowed upon you. And the way to be thankful is to increase your religious knowledge and to act upon Islam’s true teachings and to inculcate them within your children. You will display true gratitude only when you are amongst those who give priority to their faith over all worldly matters. In conclusion, I say again that you should seek to develop those righteous changes within yourself that the Promised Messiahas desired of us. Whatever he taught was in accordance with the true teachings of the Holy Qur’an and the means of becoming closer to Allah. Remember Allah has said that he rewards those who are near to Him in ways that they can never imagine. If you give precedence to your faith then surely Allah will bestow upon you the blessings of both this world and the next. He will remove your difficulties and concerns and a true feeling of contentment will enter your heart. When a person reaches this state they no longer have worldly desires and all that remains in their heart is the love of Allah and their faith. When a person reaches such a standard it can be said that they have truly fulfilled the purpose of their creation. May all of you prove to be members of Lajna Imaillah not just in name, but in deed and conduct, and to be true servants of Allah.

May all of you always fulfil the expectations of the Promised Messiahas. May you become torchbearers who shine a light on the true teachings of Islam and may Allah enable you to spread the true teachings of the Holy Prophetsa of Islam and forever abide by the true teachings of the Holy Qur’an. May Allah bless Lajna Imaillah in all respects.

After this, I would also like to say a few words for those who speak Urdu. I have mentioned quite a few points in very simple words. These points are those which the Promised Messiahas has advised us upon on various occasions. Lajna Imaillah will also translate them and provide it to those who can read Urdu. Currently, many people are migrating here from Pakistan. I have said this on many occasions and continually remind those who have recently come here that the reason why you have come here is so that you can freely express your faith. And also, so that you can freely practise your faith. Thus, always remember that the reason for your migration was faith and therefore this places a responsibility upon you and you must fulfil this responsibility.

You have come here to acquire the freedom to express your faith, therefore instead of expressing your worldly freedoms, your conditions should in fact reflect the expression of faith as much as possible. It should not be the case that after coming here you forget your faith and become immersed in worldly pleasures and begin to give precedence to worldly freedoms over your faith. Your focus should not simply be on earning money or urging your husbands to earn more money to bring home, rather you should create a religious atmosphere in your home. You should try to provide your children with such a spiritual atmosphere whereby religion is always given precedence. You should try to instil this realisation in your children that faith is always to be given preference over worldly affairs. As I mentioned earlier that if women were to reform their household then future generations will also be reformed. Similarly, if women are righteous then majority of the men can also be reformed. Nonetheless, the future generation will certainly be reformed. The Jama’at and the Khalifah of the time will at least be assured that the future generations are being taken care of. It is your responsibility to take care of the future generation, and this is a huge responsibility which you must pay attention to.

I gave the reference of Kishti-e-Nuh in which the Promised Messiahas has advised women numerous times. This advice includes that you should not make unlawful demands from your husbands. It is true that some husbands do not take proper care [of their wives] but at the same time it is also true that there are wives who make unlawful demands from their husbands, even if they are only a few. Also, pay attention towards children. I also mentioned this in my address that attention should be paid towards their school education and it is important to educate them. However, you must give them the religious knowledge too. When you send them to school, focus on them. Do not think that they are now in school and are acquiring an education therefore our responsibility has finished. Complaints have started to emerge that previously when Ahmadi children were attending school they were the most disciplined and paid focus to their studies, however the mothers are no longer paying any attention to them. Even when the parents are called in, they do not go and because of this children are being neglected. The children realise and feel that the other children’s parents are coming in, while theirs do not. Therefore, those who have recently come, irrespective of whether you know the language or not, you must go to your children’s school and find out how they are doing. If you do not know the language then take someone with you from the Lajna or any of your own friends, so that you know how your child is doing, and if the school has any complaint about the child or if any extra attention needs to be paid to the child then that can also be given. Therefore, this is very important, otherwise children will fall into an inferiority complex and consequently they will neither be able to acquire school education and nor will they focus on their religious education. Therefore, the mothers which have newly come need to give a lot of attention to this.

Also, many young girls are coming; either for education or they have migrated or sought asylum. Some of them are young and unmarried; there are also some who are very young and have come with their parents. They should also remember that after coming here they have to give precedence to their faith over worldly matters. They should try to understand this and continue to emphasise that religion is our priority and worldly affairs are secondary. If not, then we have broken our pledge of Bai’at. Thus, it will be hypocritical if on the one hand we make the pledge of initiation and on the other hand we fail to adhere to it. Therefore, this is a very important responsibility. Do not think that after coming here you have acquired freedom. Indeed you have been granted freedom so that you may practise your faith. However, you have not been given freedom so that you can escape from religious obligations and follow worldly pursuits. Therefore, pay particular attention to this. May God Almighty enable you all to do this.

Let us now pray.”


  1. Lajna Imaillah is the women’s auxiliary organisation of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. It is for women above the age of 15.
  2. *Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya is the youth branch of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. It is for male members of the Community from the age of 16 until the age of 40.

*Ansarullah is an auxiliary organisation of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community for men of age 40 and over.

  1. Bai’at – Oath of Allegiance.
  2. Nizaam – Administrative system of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.
  3. MTA – Muslim Television Ahmadiyya.


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  • What an emotional lecture! may Allah SWT make it easy for us to follow the righteous part. One of the important person in these society is the woman. She is the one responsible for the grooming of the children which are the future of tomorrow. Let try to inculcates righteousness into we ladies to build better nation. Jazakumullahu Khairan sir for the admonishments, may Allah increase you iman and guide you right. Aamin