The Truth about Jihad with the Sword

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If, in the time of our Messenger, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, war was ever waged against the opponents, these wars were never meant to propagate religion; rather, they were merely defensive. That is to say, they only took place because the opponents of that time, on account of their ignorant religious prejudice, desired to eradicate the Muslims from the face of the earth. They would slaughter the Muslims, inflict great suffering upon them and prevent them from freely conveying the message of Islam. Hence, these opponents who unjustly slaughtered innocent Muslims merely due to religious animosity, were in turn killed, which served as a punishment for their heinous crimes. However, no one kills Muslims today on account of religious resentment and prejudice, nor is the sword wielded against them due to their religion. Of course, worldly conflicts do occur amongst worldly people, but they are not our concern. So, in the present circumstances when no one takes up the sword to destroy Islam, it is immensely ignorant and contrary to the Qur’an to take up the sword under the cover of religion.1


1. Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas, The Truth Unveiled, (Tilford, Surrey: Islam International Publications, 2016), 40.

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