The Truth about Jesusas and the Cross

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Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas

It is certain that Jesusas, did not die on the cross. He likened the three days he was to remain in his tomb to the case of the Prophet Jonahas and his ordeal of the whale. Thus, he made clear to all discerning people that he entered the tomb alive in the likeness of the Prophet Jonahas and remained alive therein. Otherwise, what resemblance can there exist between the dead and the living? The parallels expounded by the Prophets are never meaningless or in vain.

The Gospel alludes to this elsewhere when it asks, ‘Why do you look for the living among the dead?’ The opinion of some of the disciples that Jesusas had died on the cross was absolutely false. For his emerging from his tomb, showing his wounds to the disciples and likening his own situation to that of Prophet Jonahas, all reject and oppose this notion.

Then, there is a difference of opinion among the disciples in this instance. The Gospel of Barnabas, which I have seen for myself, rejects the idea that Jesusas, died on the cross. Moreover, it is apparent from the Gospel that Barnabas himself was a respectable disciple and that the ascension of Jesusas to the heavens was a spiritual event. Only that which comes from the heavens returns to them. The things of the earth remain herein. Both the Torah and the Qur’an testify to this.


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