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Fearlessness of the Holy Prophetsa

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He was a dauntless, fearless person who never refrained from approaching danger head on. In his lifetime, he fought many defensive battles without ever waging a single offensive war. He was usually found in the most dangerous areas of the battle, where the fighting would rage like mad. A narrator reports that when the Holy Prophetsawas sought during a battle, they would look for him in the area where combat was at its fiercest and he would always be in the midst. Once in Madinah, during the dead of the night, people heard some disturbing noises. In those days attack was feared from all sides, so they saddled their horses and went on to investigate. They found the Holy Prophetsaalready returning from that place riding an unsaddled horse. He had gone alone, in haste, without even preparing his ride. He assured them that it was nothing serious and they could all return to their homes.[1]

[1]Hazrat Mirza Tahir AhmadrhThe Seal of the Prophets – His Personality and Character (Tilford, Surrey: Islam International Publications), 19.

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