Islam Justice

The Present Era Calls for the Pen


Know for certain that in this age it is not the sword that is needed but the pen. Our opponents have spread doubts about Islam and have sought to attack the true religion sent by Allah Almighty through various sciences and strategies. I have thus been moved by God to enter this battlefield of science and academic advancement armed with a literary arsenal, and also to exhibit the spiritual valour of Islam and demonstrate the marvel of its inner strength. How could I have been capable to enter this field of battle? It is only due to the grace of Allah Almighty and His boundless beneficence that He desires to manifest the honour of His religion at the hands of a humble man like myself. On one occasion, I began to count the allegations and attacks levelled against Islam by our opponents and as I recall, their number equalled 3,000 or thereabout. And I am certain that now their number must have increased even further. No one ought to entertain the thought that it is due to Islam’s inherent weakness that it is susceptible to 3,000 allegations. This is definitely not the case. These allegations are objections in the view of the unwise and those who are foolish. However, I truthfully say that where I have counted these allegations, I have also reflected and found that in reality, many distinct truths can be discovered at the point of these very allegations, but they cannot be seen by those who raise these objections due to their lack of insight. Truly, it is the wisdom of God Almighty that wherever a blinded critic has raised an objection, it is there that a hidden treasure of verities and divine insights lie to be discovered.[1]


[1] Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas, Malfuzat – Volume 1 (Tilford, Surrey: Islam International Publications Ltd., 2018), 58-59.