The Companions of the Holy Prophet (sa)

Friday Sermon Summary 12th June 2020: “Men of Excellence – Hazrat Sa‘id bin Zaid (ra) & Hazrat ‘Abdur Rahman bin ‘Auf (ra)”

Mubarak Mosque

After reciting the TashahhudTa‘awwuz, and Surah al-Fatihah, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (aba) continued his series of sermons on the lives of the Badri companions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(sa).

In today’s sermon, His Holiness (aba) narrated accounts in the life of Hazrat Sa‘id bin Zaid (ra) and Hazrat ‘Abdur Rahman bin ‘Auf (ra).

Hazrat Sa‘id bin Zaid (ra)

Hazrat Sa‘id bin Zaid (ra) was the son of Zaid bin Amr and Fatimah bint Ba’jah and he belonged to the tribe of Adiyy bin Ka’b bin Lu’ayy. According to some, his title was Abul A’war, and other are of the opinion that it was Abu Sawd.

His Holiness said that Hazrat Sa‘id bin Zaid (ra) was married to the sister of Hazrat Umar (ra). Hazrat Sa‘id bin Zaid’s (ra) father believed in One God even before the advent of the Holy Prophet (sa), followed the way of Hazrat Abraham (as) and would condemn the way in which the Meccans would worship the idols.

His Holiness (aba) then mentioned the way in which Hazrat Umar (ra) accepted Islam. Whilst on his way to kill the Holy Prophet (sa), he went to the house of Hazrat Sa‘id bin Zaid (ra) and his wife after finding out they had also accepted Islam. He heard Hazrat Khabbab bin al-Arat (ra) reciting the Holy Qur’an and Hazrat Umar (ra) became enraged. After delivering a few blows to Hazrat Sa‘id bin Zaid (ra) and his wife, he eventually wanted to listen to the word of God. His sister agreed to it, once he had bathed and calmed down. After listening to the recitation of the Holy Qur’an he went straight to the Holy Prophet (sa) and accepted Islam.

His Holiness (aba) said that Hazrat Sa‘id bin Zaid (ra) was among the first muhajirin to migrate to Medina and the Holy Prophet (sa) established the bond of brotherhood between him and Hazrat Raafi bin Malik (ra). According to another narration it was established with Hazrat Ubayy bin Ka’b (ra).

Hazrat Sa‘id bin Zaid (ra) was unable to participate in the battle of Badr as he was sent by the Holy Prophet (sa) on a scouting mission. Even so, His Holiness (aba) explained that the Holy Prophet (sa) counted him among the Badri companions and gave him a share of the spoils of war.

Hazrat Sa‘id bin Zaid (ra) was among the ten people given the glad tidings and guarantee of paradise in the next life. These ten individuals were: Hazrat Abu Bakr (ra), Hazrat Umar (ra), Hazrat Uthman (ra), Hazrat Ali (ra), Hazrat Talhah (ra), Hazrat Zubair (ra), Hazrat Abur Rahman bin Auf (ra), Hazrat Sa’d bin Abi Waqas (ra), Hazrat Sa’id bin Zaid (ra), Abu Ubaidah bin Jarah (ra).

Hazrat Sa‘id bin Zaid (ra) passed away in 50AH or 51AH at around the age of 70 in Aqiq, near Medina. He had 13 boys and 19 girls.

Hazrat ‘Abdur Rahman bin ‘Auf (ra)

The next companion His Holiness (ra) mentioned was Hazrat ‘Abdur Rahman bin ‘Auf (ra). Prior to the advent of Islam his name was Abdi Amr, and some have written it was Abdul Ka’bah. He belonged to the tribe of Banu Zuhra bin Kilab.

It is recorded that one of his legs was injured in the battle of Uhud. Hazrat ‘Abdur Rahman bin ‘Auf (ra) was also among the ten people given the glad tidings and guarantee of paradise.

His Holiness (aba) stated that Hazrat ‘Abdur Rahman bin ‘Auf (ra) was born ten years after the year of the Elephant. He was among the few who had abstained from drinking alcohol even in the era of ignorance. Hazrat ‘Abdur Rahman bin ‘Auf (ra) was among the first eight individuals to accept Islam and he participated in both migrations to Abyssinia.

Hazrat ‘Abdur Rahman bin ‘Auf (ra) himself related that God Almighty had blessed him so much in his trade and commerce that even if he picked up a stone, he would expect there to be gold underneath.

Hazrat ‘Abdur Rahman bin ‘Auf (ra) participated in all the battles alongside the Holy Prophet (sa). His Holiness (aba) mentioned an incident during the battle of Badr where Hazrat Abdur Rahman bin Auf (ra) was approached by two youngsters. They asked him to point out who Abu Jahl was. Before he could even lower his hand, he witnessed the two of them hastening like eagles through the ranks of the Meccans towards Abu Jahl and struck him down. Hazrat Abdullah bin Mas’ud (ra) then ended the life of the wounded Abu Jahl. In this way the leader of the opponents was taken down before the battle could properly commence.

His Holiness (aba) then said that he will continue the narrations about Hazrat ‘Abdur Rahman bin ‘Auf (ra) in the future, InshaAllah.