The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa)

A Glimpse into the Life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa)

Remembrance of Allah in Solitude

It was a dark and hushed night in the desert of Arabia. Silence prevailed all over the land. The neighbours of the Ka‘bah and the dwellers of the valley of Batha’ were lying senseless after the night’s partying and drinking. At the same time an innocent, pious and devoted young Arab was busy in worship in a mountain cave. He was in deep anguish and was supplicating to his Benevolent Master, the All-Knowing God. In an emotional plea he was praying to his God, ‘O the True Guide, enlighten this ignorant nation.’

From the prime of his youth this pious person was not attracted to the worldly pursuits and the pleasures of the world did not attract him.

This obedient young man was deeply in love with the worship of God. He would draw pleasure from praying in solitude. He detached himself from the world and derived intense pleasure from the remembrance of Allah. He would go to the cave named Hira’, which was situated a few miles outside Makkah, with his meagre rations. There he would sit in i‘tikaf [solitude] and worship Allah. For months he would be away from the rapturous life of Makkah. Only when his rations finished would he come back for some more foodstuff and then again go back to meditate and remember Allah. This pious natured righteous man won over God’s pleasure. This young man, the pride of Arabia, the true guide, chief of the innocent people, was Hazrat Muhammad (sa), our Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) whom God
granted the robe of prophethood.

Muhammad (sa) – The Perfect Man (Qadian, India: Nazarat Isha‘at, 2015), 65-66.