Book Review

69 REVIEW OF RELIGIONS (1774-1808) through persuasion, sincerity and piety. He gained a considerable following at his home in Degel. But this did not please the corrupt Ulemas especially the Sarakuna who saw the Shehu as a potential threat to their authority. The opposition became more tense and the Shehu was ordered by the Sarkin Gobir to “take his family away and leave his town”. The Shehu had never interfered with the affairs of Government. In 1804, he along with his followers, left town. More and more of his followers joined him but the Sarkin Gober instructed those in authority to seize the possessions of those making the Hijra. It was finally at Kwato that Sarkin Gobir’s army was defeated by the men of Hazrat Usman Dan Fidio. The book is replete with the teachings, directions, and personal character and examples of Hazrat Usman Dan Fodio. It narrates his philosophy of the essentials of good government and the obligations of leadership; the rule of law and role of judges; the state of scholarship in the community; and the type of leadership an ideal society should have. Chapter VIII makes the most interesting reading as it narrates Shehu’s decrees on certain issues of that period and innovations that were prevalent at that time. The Shehu was an author of several books, some of them not published yet. Towards the end of the book a complete list of his works is printed. M.A. Saqi ********************** Verily God will continue for ever to raise for this Ummah in the beginning of every century one who will restore for if its faith. (The Holy Prophet).