Ahmadiyyat Movement and Justice

MIRACLES OF THE HOLY QURAN 33 of Islam, which is well known to enemies and friends, and sees how clearly it was fulfilled and how its fulfilment awed the hearts and how it was manifested with full power and strength in the east and the west, he would appreciate it as a miracle witnessed by himself regarding which he would have no doubt whatever left. The second miracle of the Holy Quran which we can appreciate as eye witnesses, is the wonderful changes that were manifested in the companions of the Holy Prophet, peace be on him through the blessing of the following of the Holy Quran and the effect of the company of the Holy Prophet. When we see what kind of people they were before they embraced Islam and what were their ways and habits, and then in consequence of keeping company with the Holy Prophet and following the Holy Quran, how they changed from their low conditions into a clean and pure condition in their beliefs, their morals, their conduct, their conversation, their behaviour and all their behaviour and all their ways, we would have to confess that this change, which invested their rusted personalities with a wonderful freshness and bestowed upon them light and brightness, was an extraordinary transformation brought about by the hand of God Almighty. . . . This transformation was so extraordinary as to deserve being called a miracle. A third miracle of the Holy Quran which is present before our eyes is its verities and insights and fine points with which its eloquent composition is replete. This miracle has been set forth very forcefully in the Holy Quran. It is said that if all men, high and low, were to combine together to produce its like, it would not be possible for them to do so (17:89). This miracle is proved by the fact that during the last 1300 years, although the Holy Quran has been published in all directions and forcefully challenges equality, yet no one has come forth to take up the challenge. This proves clearly that all human faculties are unable to compete with the Holy Quran. Even if out of the hundreds of excellences of the Holy Quran, one is put forward and its match is demanded, it is impossible for any human being to put forward the like of it. For instance, one of the excellences of the Holy Quran is that is comprises all religious insights and there is no religious verity related to truth and wisdom which is not found in the Holy Quran. Is there anyone who can put forward any other book which has this quality? If any one doubts the fact that the Holy Quran is comprehensive of all religious verities, then such a doubter, whether Christian or Arya or Brahmo, or atheist, can satisfy himself by examining the matter in his own way and we take the responsibility of satisfying him, provided he turns to us as a seeker after truth. All the holy verities that are contained in the Bible or the words of truth and wisdom which we have seen in the books of philosophers, or the verities that have found place by chance in the Vedas, or are still to be found in them which we have seen, or the wisdom and understanding which are set out in the hundreds of books of the Sufies, which we have come to know, are all found in the Holy Quran. This perfect 34 REVIEW OF RELIGIONS research which we have carried out in depth during thirty years has disclosed to us conclusively and certainly, that there is no spiritual verity which is helpful for the perfection of the soul and for the training of intellect and the heart which is not mentioned in the Holy Quran. This is not only our experience, but is the claim of the Holy Quran, which has been tested not only by me, but by thousands of divines from the very beginning who have borne witness to its truth. A fourth miracle of the Holy Quran is its spiritual effects which have been inherent in it from the beginning. This means that its followers are accepted of the Divine and are honoured with the converse of God. Their supplications are accepted by God Almighty, and He responds to them with love and mercy, and He informs them of some hidden mysteries as He informs the Prophets and distinguishes them from other people by bestowing upon them signs of His support and help. This is also a sign which will continue till the Day of Judgement among the Muslims. It has been manifested throughout and is present even today. There are today among the Muslims people whom God, the Glorious, through His special support honours with true revelation and visions relating to hidden matters. O ye who are seekers after truth and are hungry and thirsty for true signs, consider justly and with a pure vision of what high degree are the signs which God Almighty has set forth in the Holy Quran and how they are present and perceptible in every age. The miracles of previous Prophets are now mere stories and we do not even know to what degree they are true (Tasdeequen Nabi, pages 20-23). Importance of Friday Prayer Of all the obligations of a Muslim, the most important is prayer, and of all the prayers, none is so essential to be recited in congregation as the Juma (Friday) service prayer. The Juma is in fact the greatest Muslim festival. The Holy Quran regards it as a holiday. A whole chapter of the holy book entitled the Juma has been devoted to it. In that chapter Almighty God commands Muslims to quit all their worldly affairs when they are summoned to prayer of Friday, to assemble in mosques and to say the Juma prayers with due observance of all the requirements of the Law. The person who does not act in obedience to these injunctions is regarded by the Holy Quran as guilty of a deadly sin and almost outside the circle of Islam. Far more stress has been laid upon attendance at the Juma sermon and prayers than upon Id. It is on account of this importance of the Juma in the Muslim faith that Friday has universally been observed as a holiday among the Muslims from the very earliest time that Islam took its rise. (The Promised Messiah) Ahmadiyya Movement and Justice We Muslims, who are members of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam (known as Ahmadis) have been tagged as ‘British Tools’, ‘Imperialist Tools’, ‘Zionists’, ‘Collaborators’, etc., for many decades. These false accusations were refuted and proven as untruths to truthful, just and unbigoted persons. The Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam is a world wide movement. Ever since its inception in 1889, the Holy Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement, Hazrat Ghulam Ahmad (AS) and inumerous members have refuted the above mentioned false allegations. One of the renowned scholars of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, Sir Muhammad Zafrullah Khan, was the author of many books and articles dealing with Islam and Islamic Politics. He wrote on Islam and Human Rights, Islam and Social Justice, Islam and the Orphan, Islam and the State, etc. Since the inception of Ahmadiyyat in the Republic of South Africa (1959), we the members of the Ahmadiyya Movement in South Africa have published many articles on Islam and oppression; Islam and apartheid; Islam and Social Justice; Islam and Democracy; Islam and the State; Islam and the Orphan; Islam and Slavery; etc. A serious study of the literature of the Ahmadiyya Movement will reveal that the false accusations against the movement are based on ignorance. It must be borne in mind that the Ahmadiyya Movement stands for the preaching and practising of the True Islam in its pristine purity. We are therefore, a purely Islamic Movement embracing all facets in every walk of life. Our Movement’s call is back to Allah, back to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and back to the Holy Quran. Therefore, as Callers unto Allah, we point out by way of preaching and teaching any statement or act contrary to the Word of Allah and the practice (Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). We, therefore, do not politicize religion nor do we spiritualize politics. Islamic politics constitute noble and pure teachings, hence, we do not participate hi party politics. 36 REVIEW OF RELIGIONS We nevertheless wish to reiterate the following according to the Holy Quran and Al-Hadith (Sayings) and Sunnah (Practice) of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). 1. OPPRESSION AND APARTHEID We declare emphatically that our Movement is opposed to Apartheid and all forms of Oppression. We believe that all values affecting man are based upon the concept that every human being is capable of achieving the highest stage of moral and spiritual development and that humanity must be respected. The Quran takes note of the diversities of race, colour, language, wealth, etc., which serve their own useful purpose in the social scheme, and describes them as Signs of Allah for those who hear and possess knowledge. But none of these confers any privilege or imposes any disability. The Quran says that Allah has divided mankind into tribes and nations for greater facility of intercourse. Neither membership of a tribe nor citizenship of a State confers any privilege, nor are they sources of honour. The true source of honour in the sight of Allah is a righteous life. In his Farewell Address, the Holy Prophet Muhammad said: “You are all brothers and are all equal. None of you can claim any privilege or any superiority over any other. An Arab is not to be preferred to a non-Arab, nor is anon-Arab to be preferred to an Arab; nor is a ‘white’ man to be preferred to a ‘coloured’ one, or a ‘coloured’ one to a ‘white’, except on the basis of righteousness” 2. JUSTICE AND DEMOCRACY Allah says in the Holy Quran; “Verily, Allah enjoins justice, and the doing of good to others; and giving like kindred; and forbids indecency and manifest evil and transgression. He admonishes you that you may take heed.” (Chapter 16 verse 91.) And Allah also says in the Holy Quran; : “O ye who believe! be steadfast in the cause of Allah, bearing witness in equity; and let not a people’s enmity incite you to act otherwise than with justice. Be always just, that is nearer to righteousness. And fear Allah. Surely Allah is Aware of what you do.” (Chapter 5 verse 9.) All that is basic for promotion of human welfare in all spheres, whether pertaining to principles or conduct is set forth and explained in the above verses. Islam is opposed to all privilege: monarchical, ecclesiastical, feudal, racial, plutocratic, ologarchic or official. The only badge of honour is the righteousness of a persons’ conduct. Allah says in the Holy Quran;

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