Terrorism and Extremism

Notes & Comments

We will dwell on the impact of the Review of Religions on its readers and their favourable comments in some future edition. Coming back to today, as readers would have no doubt observed we have introduced a few changes. Firstly, the size has shrunk to the commercial standard A5. We prefer the traditional A4 but soem readers requested a handy size. The cover has a more compre- hensive coverage of the contents amid a splash of c o l o u r. As for the contents themselves, we had certain outstanding commitments and promised scheduling but past this stage it is our intention to go back to basics and revive the prime objective of this magazine. We also intend to do our utmost to produce 12 editions each year so that no subscriber feelss short-changed. F i n a l l y, I wish to thank my p r e d e c e s s o r, Mr Rafiq Ahmed Hayat, who earlier last year took over the additional responsibilities of the national president of the entire community in the United Kingdom. His contribution to the Review of Religions i n building up an excellent team of editors and in both the cover and the contents of short and varied articles has left an unforgettable mark. I step into his shoes conscious that I carry a heavy respon- sibility to propel this magazine into the new centenary. I can but request the prayers of the readers that God Almighty enables me to contribute a little to the purpose for which this magazine was established a century ago. We wish a very happy New Year to all our readers. Mansoor Ahmed Shah 4 Editorial Review of Religions – Jan 2002