The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa)

A Glimpse into the Life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) – Subtle Pathways to Taqwa


The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) had fear of God at all times. He said, ‘sometimes I find a date lying around, I pick it up and am just about to eat it but then I think it may be alms, and I put it down.’ 

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) brought his children up in the same way and instilled the fear of Allah in their hearts right from childhood. Once Hazrat Imam Hasan (ra) or Husain (ra) saw a heap of dates in the house. One of them put one date in his mouth. These dates had been given as alms. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) saw him, put his finger in his mouth and took the date out. He said ‘We are the offspring of the Prophet (sa), we do not eat food given in sadaqah (alms).’

Once after prayer, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) rushed home through the rows of his companions. He returned a little while later and had a piece of gold in his hand. He told his companions that he had received some gold. Most of it had already been distributed amongst the poor and only this piece remained. During prayer he remembered it and brought it back quickly lest any property belonging to the people should be left in his house. What a unique example of the purity of his soul and fear of Allah.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) was mindful at all times of Allah’s greatness and His being Independent. He said that sometimes while sitting in a group of people he offered istighfar [seeking forgiveness] seventy times and sought forgiveness of God.

In the Holy Qur’an while mentioning the incidents of acceptance of prayers of the prophets, God Almighty has recounted one common feature of these supplicators. That is: ‘They called on Us in hope and in fear and they humbled themselves before Us.’ (21:91) This quality was found in greatest measure in the prayers of Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa). 

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