REVIEW OF RELIGIONS EDITORIAL SEXUAL MORALITY There is no doubt that the sexual urge is a powerful impulse which is hard to check and resist especially when the opportunity presents itself. Human nature is the same everywhere. The impulse may involve various kinds of inclinations. Now-a-days the subject is widely talked about and discussed on radio, television and in the press. Today a common question is who has the authority to declare what is right and what is wrong in the matter of sexual ‘behaviour? In present times open discussions and views are being voiced on the delicate and deplorable practice of homosexuality. Many homosexuals proudly boast of their way of life without feeling any qualms of shame. They argue that because they have a natural inclination to do what they do they should not, therefore, be censored for their sexual activities. If this line of argument be accepted then all kinds of sexual behaviour and perversions would also have to be tolerated merely because people feel inclined in different directions to satisfy their desires. This kind of thinking and practice would lower humanity to the level of animals as far as their sexual conduct would be concerned. The root and cause of immorality is that most people recognize no code of sexual conduct. They do whatever they feel or please. The result is a society ridden with sexual chaos. Throughout the ages God has from time to time revealed laws of sexual conduct for mankind but unfortunately most people do not mould their lives in accordance with God’s directions which are intended for their spiritual welfare. They hardly pay any attention to them. Certainly there are some people who recognize and strive to adhere to Divine Guidance but sadly in this irreligious age most people just to do what they feel like doing and, thereby, loose their self-respect and the approbation of God. Islam provides Divine Guidance on matters of sexual behaviour pronouncing what is right and what is wrong. A sincere Muslim strives to regulate his life in accordance with the laws of God and to shun everything not permissible. God alone is his authority on the subject of sexual morality and a sincere Muslim does not act according to his own inclinations regardless of God’s injunctions.