41 SAYINGS OF CONFUCIOUS He who .engages solely in self-interested actions will make himself many enemIes. Do not worry about not holding a high position; worry rather about your proper role. Worry not that no one knows you; seek to be worth knowing. When you see a man of the highest calibre, give thought to attaining his stature. When you see one who is not, go home and conduct a self-examination. When strict with oneself one rarely fails. Excellence does not remain alone; it is sure to attract neighbours. Extravagance leads to disobedience; parsimony leads to miserliness. Of the two I prefer miserliness. The great man is completely at ease. The petty man is always on edge. Let the other man do his job without your interference. Excess and defiancy are equally at fault. If upon self-examination one is found to be free from fault, what is there to worry about or to fear? The great man developes virtues in others. If a man has rendered himself correct, he will have no trouble in governing. If he cannot render himself correct, how can he correct others. The great man is dignified but not proud. The petty man is proud but not dignified. The gentleman who prefers his own ease is no gentleman. (Extracts from the Lun Yu~. The Sayings ofConfucious)

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