43 BOOK REVIEW Sayed Mahmood Ahmad Nasir Selected Sayings of the Holy Prophet Tilford, Surrey: Islam International Publications Ltd., 1988, pp36 The importance of ‘Traditions’ attributed to the Holy Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad Mustapha, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, has never been denied by Muslims throughout the history of Islam since these Traditions have served as an important source of information in the development of Islamic thought and law and for nearly 1500 years M uslims throughout the world have endeavoured to mould their lives in accordance with the pronouncements of their beloved Prophet. The ‘Selected Sayings of the Holy Prophet’ is yet another small but highly commendable effort which endeavours to acquaint the younger generation of Muslims with the basic essentials of the Islamic faith as pronounced by the Holy Prophet of Islam. It contains 50 selected ‘sayings’ of the Holy Prophet on such varied subjects as the articles of faith in Islam, observance of the essential pillars of the Islamic faith, knowledge, love, truth and falsehood, treatment of fellow human beings, good and bad behaviour, cleanliness etc. etc. The publishers of the selection have also included a few colourful illustration which should appeal to the younger readership for which the collection has primarily been compiled. Selected Sayings of the Holy Prophet is an important step towards bringing the study of Hadith to the younger M uslims and should make a valuable addition to the library of young children.

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