Terrorism and Extremism

Notes & Comments

The war on terrorism has drawn the world to the edge of a precipice. The Islamic world in particular is passing t h rough a turbulent phase of its history. No matter how we dress it up, we have to admit that the Muslims of today face a serious threat. Muslims need to rethink and set their own house in order if they are to emerge from these trying times in a fitter state. The Founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian (1835- 1908), peace be upon him, had this to say about an age of which the present days are merely a painful extension: This age through which we are passing is one of indiff e rence to the inner soul and truth. There is a lack of honesty, integrity and moral values. Gre e d , stinginess and materialism are so w i d e s p read that this age resembles the age of decadence at the time of the appearance of Jesus, son of Mary, on whom be peace. The Jews of that time had become far removed from sincere rectitude. Observance of a few rituals and customs were all that mattere d . H o n e s t y, integrity, inner purity and the sense of fair play had completely vanished. There was little trace of genuine kindness and sympathy amongst them. Various forms of human worship had replaced the worship of the True God. All these dreadful ailments have gain surfaced in our age. Things that are lawful are not accepted and consumed with the gratitude and humility they merit. Things that are unlawful are not avoided with the disgust and distaste that they deserve. Important ord i – nances of God are put aside by flimsy excuses. The vast majority of our religious scholars are in no way less than the scribes and pharisees of that time. They would swallow a camel but filter a gnat. They shut the gates to the kingdom of heaven upon everyone, neither entering it nor allowing others to enter it. They spend long hours over the daily prayers but their hearts are empty of the true love and majesty of God. They stand on the pulpit and deliver such fiery sermons that reduce the congregation to tears, but their own deeds run completely at variance. It is amazing that whereas their hearts are rebellious and their intentions mischievous, their eyes shed crocodile tears. How strange that although they are stonehearted, their tongues keep harping feelings of tenderness. Such Jewish traits of character can be observed all over. The qualities of righteousness and sympathy are in decline. Feebleness of the faith has resulted in apathy towards the love of God. People continue to be entrenched in the love of the world. 3The Review of Religions – February 2003 Notes & Comments All this was bound to happen, because the Holy Prophet Muhammad(sa) had prophesied that such a time would come upon the Muslim community when their actions would have a great similarity to the Jews at the time of Jesus, on whom be peace. They would perform all such acts as were performed by the Jews; so much so that that if a Jew had burrowed himself into a rat hole, the Muslim would do likewise. At that juncture a man born of Persian descent will impart the teaching of faith. Even if faith were to ascend to the Pleidas, this Persian would bring it down to earth. This is the prophecy of the Holy Pro p h e t Muhammad(sa). Its interpretation has been made clear to me by Divine revelation. All its aspects have been made manifest. God disclosed to me through Divine revelation that Jesus son of Mary, who was born fourteen hundred years after Moses(as), came to attract people towards faith. He came at a time when the religious condition of the Jews was at a low ebb, and because of the weakness of their faith, they were engulfed in all such vices which in reality are the offshoots of infidelity. Thus when about fourteen hundred years elapsed after the advent of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(sa) similar afflictions permeated into his followers (the Muslim community) as were experienced by the Jews, so that the prophecies made in their favour might be fulfilled. Therefore, out of His infinite Omnipotence, God sent a person similar to the first Messiah (Jesus)(as) to impart the teachings of faith to the Muslims. That Messiah who was to come has indeed come. Accept him if you wish. Those who have ears to hear, let them listen. This is the work of God Almighty, however astonishing it may appear in the sight of people. If somebody would prefer to denounce, then let it be known that previous righteous people were also denounced. (Footnote Fathe Islam (Victory of Islam) p.7-8 by Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(as)) Muslims of today would do well do hearken to this Guide instead of listening to fiery speeches about Jihad from some Mullah trained in a Wahabi madrassa (school). Sooner or later, the concept of Mullah Jihad would have to be abandoned and the position advocated by Ahmadi Muslims announcing the death of re l i g i o u s wars, as on so many other issues, would have to be accepted as the standard by all Muslims. The sooner, the better. Mansoor Ahmad Shah – UK 4 Notes and Comments The Review of Religions – February 2003 For the convenience of non-Muslim English readers, in this edition, (sa) or sa after the word the Holy Prophet or the name Muhammad, are used. They stand for salallahualaihiwasallam and abbreviated as ‘sa’, meaning peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. Likewise, the letters ‘(as)’ or as after the name ofall other Prophets is an abbreviation (meaning, peace be upon him derived from alaih salato- wasalam) for the respect a Muslim readers utters.