Two Memorable Quotations

Only Allah makes a Khalifa Hadhrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih III(ra), said: It is our doctrine that a Khalifa is made by a God A l m i g h t y. Had the choice been left to the people, then whosoever was foremost in the view of the people would have been made a Khalifa by them. But God Himself makes a Khalifa and there is no defect in His choice. He selects a weak person of His, a person whom they consider insignificant. Then having selected him, Allah mani- fests His Glory and G reatness, and whatever the person was and whatever he had, Allah leaves none of it. In the presence of His Majesty and G reatness, the person becomes totally attired in the mantle of the love of God and selflessness. (Al-Fazl 17 March 1967) No danger will ever overtake Khilafat in Ahmadiyya Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih IV(ra), gave the glad tidings to the community when he said: Now Insha Allah (God willing), no danger will ever overtake Khilafat-i- Ahmadiyya. The commu- nity has reached a stage of maturity in the sight of God. No eye of the enemy, no heart of the opponent, no attempt by the opposition will be able to harm it in a n y w a y. Khilafat-i- Ahmadiyya shall Insha Allah continue to flourish with just as much glory as the glory promised to the P romised Messiah ( a s ). This Jama’at (community of followers) shall live for at least a thousand years. So, p r a y, sing songs of His praise and renew your p l e d g e s . (Al-Fazl 28 June 1982) 13The Review of Religions – April 2003 Two Memorable Quotations