Editorial – Shock and Awe

Shock and Aw e To d a y, it re q u i res no intelligence to conclude that man is threatened with self-immolation. But as long ago as the 7th century when no one could have conceived the possibility of the development of what are now called weapons of mass destruction, and the equally horrific ‘shock-and-awe’ used in Gulf War II, the Holy Qur ’ a n a n n o u n c e d : We call to witness the passage of time that surely man pro g ressively suffers l o s s . (Ch 103: Vs. 2-3) Allah, the exalted, cites the present age as a witness that man is gradually advancing to total loss and thus indicates that today’s man is pre p a r i n g means of his own destruction as a result of which humanity would arrive at a terrifying end. (Our excerpt in this issue is on genetic engineering.) An important principle safeguard i n g man against loss is that the concept of absolute justice must be universally accepted, adopted and put into eff e c t , and our Notes & Comments touch on this subject. In accord with this basic divine principle Allah, the exalted, sent a Warner in this age and also a s s u red him that he He would make his truth manifest through powerful assaults. This divine Wa r n e r admonished humanity in the light of the knowledge vouchsafed to him by Allah and he set forth in advance that which was approaching. (There are two articles on the Plague.) Some examples of these warnings are set out b e l o w : A mighty sign is due to appear in a short while which will shake cities and villages and meadows; In a flash, the earth will be turned upside down and streams of blood shall f l o w. Such destruction will overtake cities and towns, of which there has never been seen the like ever before . In a single movement dwellings shall become mounds of rubble the loss of life will be incalculable. My friends the days of earthquakes are again approaching, days not merely of an earthquake but of the passing away of m u l t i t u d e s . He will demonstrate a brilliance of His Sign five times. This is God’s word that you will only a p p reciate only when it is fulfilled. (part of a poem in Haqeequatul Wahi, April 1905) I shall show thee the earthquake of the last day. Allah will show you the earthquake of the last day. On that day it will be asked Whose is the kingdom today. Is it not the kingdom of Allah the One, the Most Supre m e ? I shall manifest this sign to you five t i m e s . If I so will the world would end that day. (Haqeequatul Wa h i ) 2 The Review of Religions – May 2003 Editorial God has conveyed to me intimations of a p p roaching earthquakes. Be sure then that as in accord with these pro p h e c i e s t h e re have been severe earthquakes in America and Europe, they will occur in d i f f e rent parts of Asia also. Some of them will be a sample of the Judgment D a y. There will be such loss of life that blood will run in streams. Even birds and animals will not be spared, such destruction will overtake the earth as will not have occurred ever before the c reation of man. Most habitations will be turned upside down as if they had never been dwelt in. In addition there will be other afflictions both on the earth and in the heaven in terrifying shapes, so much so, that they will appear most extraordinary in the estimation of every sensible person. No mention of them will be discovered in the books of philosophy and astro n o m y. Mankind will be severely disturbed and would wander what was about to happen. Many will be delivered and many will be destroyed. The days are near, indeed they are at the d o o r, when the world will witness a Judgement Day, not only will the earthquakes happen but other frightening afflictions will also be manifested, some of them from heaven and some of them from earth. All this will come about because man has given up the worship of the true God and m e n ’s hearts and designs and fancies have all concentrated on the world. Had I not appeared these afflictions may have been delayed somewhat, but by my coming, God’s secret wrathful designs have become manifest after a long period as God has said: We never punish a people until after We have sent a M e s s e n g e r (Ch17: V16). Those who repent will be secure and those who fear God before an affliction overtakes them will be shown merc y. Do you imagine that you will be secure against these earthquakes or that you can safeguard yourselves through your own designs? Certainly not. Think not that America and other regions have experienced severe earthquakes and that your country is secure. I apprehend that you may perhaps suffer gre a t e r t o r m e n t s . Thou art not secure, O Europe nor thou, O Asia. O dwellers of the islands, no self-made deity of yours will be able to help you. I behold cities falling and habitations in ruins. That One and Unique Being remained silent for a time. Untoward deeds were done within His sight, and He forbore. But now He will display His countenance in a terrifying form. Let him who has ears hear that the time is not far. I have tried to gather all under God’s security, but Divine decrees are bound to be executed. You will witness the time of Noah and your eyes will behold that which happened in the land of Lot. But God is slow in being roused. Repent that you may be shown merc y. He who abandons God is an insect and not a human and he who does not fear Him is dead not alive. (Haqeeqatul Wahi pp.256-257) 3 Editorial The Review of Religions –May 2003