editorialCanada is renowned for its rich cultural diversity. It has been one of the leading immigrant-accepting nations. Stretching back to 18th Century, immigrants arrived from Britain, France and then later from other parts of Europe and also Asia; to a large degree Canada was built on the foundation of immigration. According to the 2011 Census, there are over 200 languages in Canada used either as a home language or mother tongue. In 1971, Canada went a step further; through the Multiculturalism Policy of Canada, it became the first country in the word to officially introduce a legislative framework for multiculturalism. Whilst some Canadians have raised objections against multiculturalism, by and far over the last few decades, cultural diversity and social cohesion have become important facets of the Canadians’ sense of identity. When the Khalifah of Islam, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba), visited Canada last year, addressing dignitaries including numerous. Members of the Canadian Parliament at the inauguration of the Tahir Hall, he praised these Canadian values and said:

“The forefathers and early settlers of this nation certainly demonstrated extremely high levels of tolerance and open-heartedness in the way they kept the doors of this country open for those people who came to Canada later.”

He went on to praise the high morals displayed by Canadians, “I have come to the conclusion that this country’s high moral standards are found in every segment of society and at all levels.” He also spoke of the sincere love and loyalty Canadian Ahmadis have for their nation. His Holiness also imparted important words of advice on various matters, including regarding immigration, where he drew the attention of Canadians and the Canadian Government:
“The Government should be aware that it is quite possible for certain extremist elements to enter the country on the pretext of benefiting from the various investment opportunities or schemes of the Government. This risk should be kept in view by the policy makers when determining future immigration and investment policies.”
Numerous other issues were covered by the Khalifah of Islam in this address, as well as in his address at a special reception held by the Premier of Ontario, both of which we are featuring in the Edition. At a time when Muslim immigration to and integration in Western societies is being fiercely debated, we urge our readers to read the full transcript of these speeches. Whatever the occasion, the Khalifah of Islam speaks honestly, boldly and sagaciously to the West and presents to them the true and beautiful message of Islam, in a rational, loving yet forthright manner. A member of the audience listening to the speech of His Holiness in Canada later wrote in a blog posted on the CNN website:

“I am rarely impressed by the utterings of religious leaders. More often than not they have an axe to grind – to keep their followers in line; and to pose. But when I heard His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad, I was able to discern the difference…..Mirza Masroor Ahmad has given a clarion call- echoing the voice and fears of all well-meaning human beings.”1

The Khalifah of Islam aims to convey the message of true Islam brought by the Holy Prophetsa, which was revived in this age by the Holy Promised Messiahas. We invite all our readers to study his words.

Amer Safir
Chief Editor

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