Interviews from the 10th Peace Symposium UK

Ed Davey

Member of Parliament for Kingston and Surbiton and Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change

“I think His Holiness and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community are expressing the core of their faith in being active for promoting the cause of peace. “Love for all, hatred for none,” is one of the key teachings of the Ahmadiyya Community and I think sharing that with everyone here in UK but also everyone invited whether it is politicians like myself, or whether it is community leaders, other faiths or ambassadors from countries around the world, it is important that we are engaging and discussing the issue of peace and how we can all in our different ways play a part in making sure we have peace in the world.”


Siobhan McDonagh

Member of Parliament for Mitcham and Morden

“His Holiness has a huge breadth of knowledge about, obviously the Ahmadiyya Community, but also what is going on internationally. I just saw him talk to a representative from the Canadian Government and he seemed on top of what was happening in Canada, in all sorts of countries and talking about the faith in Africa. So he is a man of great knowledge.”


Umesh Sharma

Chairman Hindu Council UK

“As expected, the event started on time and it was held in a disciplined manner. The volunteers were courteous. The message of His Holiness was an eye opener. It was practical, simple and straight forward and it was free of politics. Whatever His Holiness said should be followed. I will pass this message on to the national level and here in London. The function was exemplary and should be followed by all communities.”


Representative from Philippines Embassy to UK

“I am a Catholic and His Holiness seems very humble, like the new Pope. I listened carefully to his speech and his message is quite bleak and it makes me not wish to listen to the news because the world is facing such crises. I want to learn more about Islam and the role of the Khalifah after listening to this speech. ”


Representative of Commodore of UK Army

“The speech of His Holiness was extremely wide ranging and covered so many areas. Each topic was extremely interesting. I am very impressed to learn that His Holiness writes his own speeches.”


Nathanieal Lewis (Northumberland)

Represents the British Pakistani Christian Association

“I enjoyed the event and is the first time I have attended. [The speech] covered some interesting issues.”


Marlo Nuguera

Bahai from Southampton, Originally from Venezuela

“The speech of His Holiness is exactly what we need and we need to be consistent in teaching our children and families about peace.  It tells us what we need to do to have a better life in the future.”


Bridget Mullins

Retired Teacher

“[When I met His Holiness] I was so excited I was almost shaking. There was a lot to take in but I loved the part at the beginning when he articulated the fact that nobody has anything to fear from the community…What His Holiness said was very apt in terms of allaying fears. His Holiness referred to the First the Second World Wars and the touch financial conditions at that time and this is something I had not realised before…His Holiness also brought to the fore the Syrian and North Korean issue which is something very much on the front of our minds. The Syrian matter is an important issue to ensure that the Syrian government and rebels are not killing innocent people.”


Joe Mullins

Retired Prison Governor

“In terms of how the message was portrayed, the political, economic, financial dimensions together were excellent. In my church we probably would only concentrate on the values themselves and in a theoretical way, rather than politics. The way His Holiness has done it is relevant in today’s world.”


Source: MTA International/Ahmadiyya International Press Desk


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