Guests Reflect on the Inauguration of the Vancouver Mosque


“I am supposed to give an important speech soon in Geneva–I had already drafted it. But now I will redraft based on many points given by His Holiness. Everything he said I agreed with. I am a normal man and he is such a spiritual man. I want to make sure his trip to Calgary is as special as possible.”

Manmeet Bhular

(Canadian politician and current Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta)

“His Holiness displays clarity of thought. He knows his views and is not confused in any way. His Holiness is courageous in his speech. He is how a spiritual leader should be–spiritual leaders cannot afford to be diplomatic. His Holiness’ belief about Jihad is exactly the same as what I have been taught. His Holiness has a very positive energy and presence.”

Ravinder Singh

(Host, Radio Sher-E-Punjab)

“There is a special buzz and excitement every time His Holiness comes to Canada. I really hope he comes again and again. I understood everything His Holiness said. I consider myself very lucky to have the opportunity to meet with him.”

Councillor Marilyn Iafrate

(Member of Vaughan City Council)

“It was such an inspiring and inclusive message. I was so honoured to hear this speech. The speech of His Holiness is exactly what we need in today’s world. I particularly agree that we each have to make changes in our local areas so that world can improve.”

John Cummins

(Leader of the British Columbia Conservative Party)

“A breath of fresh air – welcome news that Islam stands on the side of love, not hate; peace not violence; unity not division; your people are friendly and willing to share in discussion. Your generosity through hospitality reflects Allah’s nature of provision for humanity. The chanting of scripture [Qur’an] and poetry was very inspiring.”

Richard Paul


“Being here with His Holiness today certainly inspires me and as I’ve always said about the late Khalifah and this Khalifah; that I feel closer to God when I am with these guys than anyone else.”

Jim Karygiannis

(MP, Canadian Liberal Politician)

“His Holiness is a tremendous person and his speech was absolutely tremendous. He promotes inclusivity, that is what we need.”

Sam Sgro

(Husband of Judy Sgro, MP, Canadian Liberal Party)

“I liked the part where His Holiness, Mirza Masroor Ahmad said that whenever we open a Mosque, we open a chapter for religious freedom. His speech proves Ahmadis are non-violent and peaceful-It proves Ahmadis are humanitarians.”

Christian Beckter


“His Holiness answered my questions completely. Whatever I had hoped for I got. I will be covering on CBC tonight.”

CBC Press


“His Holiness’ address was very good. It was a true blessing for me that I could be here to listen to his speech.”

Rob Harry


“There can be nothing better than the address of His Holiness, Mirza Masroor Ahmad. I have no words to describe my feelings. It is one the best events I have ever been to.”

Gurnan Johar


“It was wonderful to meet so many people from all over Canada at the Inauguration. I met people from BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. These people that traveled so far to be there obviously have a place in their hearts for the Ahmadiyya Community. After my experience, I now understand why people would come from all over our great nation. It is a true honour for British Columbia that His Holiness has come here. His message of the Oneness of God is crucial for entire world.”

Sukh Johal


“When we first came into the parking lot–I thought the building positively glowed. I am an architect and I appreciate the beauty of the building. It is totally captivating to be here amongst all these people. I have read a lot about the Ahmadi situation in Pakistan. I am very happy to be here because it is a very beautiful occasion and I am wholeheartedly in the ideas behind the Ahmadiyya Community.”

Tom Cobin


“I was very impressed. I thought His Holiness’ address was very gracious. The message was welcoming and inviting to all faiths. This was very interesting. The Dalai Lama does the same, so I was happy to see that.”

Gord Richards


“As a person who believes we must seek and share what we have in common, I’m so gratified to learn about the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.”

Mike Gillian


“I feel very blessed to be part of this. What stuck in my mind (about His Holiness’ address) was ‘love’ and the message of ‘love.’ And that we, anyone who doesn’t belong to this community, should not be afraid of this congregation. I didn’t have to be told that, but it was lovely and very meaningful to hear that.”

Marilyn Clayton

(Wife of Ken Clayton and mother of Sean Clayton, builders of the mosque)


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