Ayesha Mahmood Malik - UK

If the Oceans were Ink

If the Oceans were Ink, authored by Carla Power, explores the religion of Islam through the eyes of a non-Muslim. The Review of Religions features a special interview with her and a review of her book.

(Ayesha Mahmood Malik - UK)
Sound Bites: Pakistan and Ahmadi Persecution

For 44 years the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has faced state-sponsored persecution on religious grounds. And recent developments show the state doubling down on this persecution

(Ayesha Mahmood Malik - UK)
Wilders Wild Attempt to Caricature Muslim’s Holy Personage is Back

Wilders is back on the freedom of speech bandwagon, blowing the trumpet of the right’s sacredness to European hearts and relegating any attempts to limit it as sacrilegious.

(Ayesha Mahmood Malik - UK)
Sound Bites: Armenia’s Forgotten Genocide

The Armenian Genocide killed over 1 million Armenians. Its forgotten place leads to interesting questions about free speech.

(Ayesha Mahmood Malik - UK)
Sound Bites: International Women’s Day

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, it’s time to ask whether the equality model really serves women well.

(Ayesha Mahmood Malik - UK)
Sound Bites: Holocaust Memorial Day

Celebrated in the UK since 2001, this day is held to remember those who lost their lives in
one of the worst genocide crimes committed in human history.

(Ayesha Mahmood Malik - UK)