Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in the Far East
His Holiness is currently touring the Far Eastern countries. A few weeks ago,
I was fortunate enough to behold the blessed countenance of His Holiness upon his second visit to Singapore. Ahmadis flocked from neighboring countries just to meet our spiritual leader. Since his visit, our spirits seem revitalised. Most importantly, it has given us an opportunity to reflect on ourselves. We look forward to reading about this momentous tour of His Holiness in the forthcoming editions— this is one of my favourite parts of The Review of Religions. As always, The Review of Religions maintains a high standard in the articles it publishes.



Bring Wars to an End

The politicians of the world need to wake up and take charge. If they sleep today, the world might die of war and hunger tomorrow. The coming generations would curse them for not stopping war when they could. How can they achieve this? They should not become a spoon that feeds the enemies of peace. We live in a world where personal gains are more important than peace. We can’t expect others to live in peace unless we ourselves take steps to avoid conflict. What good did war do to Vietnam, Bosnia, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan? Their people still suffer the atrocities and have not been able to live peacefully. To this day, the generations have suffered immensely. If a war occurs today, God forbid, the suffering would not be country bound. It would be world over. That’s why the survival of future children lies in stopping wars—all wars—immediately.



Resurrection: Fact or Fiction?

In response to the very scholarly and thought provoking edition “Resurrection: Facts or Fiction?” I would like to congratulate your team on providing the world a well-collated resource for inviting people to the truth. Along with other resources one can find on the Internet, this edition certainly made waves with some of my Non-Muslim friends. I have always wondered why the world has not accepted the evidence in the last century despite all the advancements in the sciences as well progress in the dissemination of information to the masses. The truth is that as His Holiness, Mirza Masroor Ahmadaba, Khalifatul Masih V, has stated in recent sermons pertaining to Dawah or preaching the message, that our job is only to convey the message – Allah the Almighty changes hearts. We have seen Hollywood attempt to distract the world with the highly fictitious The Da Vinci Code whereas Jesus In India – The Movie received very little attention.

In my humble opinion, the world does not want to know the truth, and the powers that be do not want the world to know also. We can only humbly continue with our meagre efforts little by little with love and affection, and pray that Allah the Almighty opens hearts in our lifetime. A colleague of mine did read the edition under discussion and was full of praise with the attempt by your team to present an objective evidence-based theory, which although was contradictory to his fundamental thinking, was written with the love and respect needed to convince the world of the need and benefit of change in our world. Keep up the good work!


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