Ahmadiyyat The Arab Spring

Reaction from the Arab World to the Message

“It was a very powerful and effective address and was particularly persuasive because Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaba was addressing the Arabs directly in Arabic. The influence of this address will be extraordinary. May Allah support you and help you. God willing a mighty victory is nigh. Your Holiness! Please pray for the entire Ummah (Muslim People) and the Arab Muslims that Allah the Almighty enables them to accept His Appointed One, the Promised Messiahas. This address will have such a positive effect on the Arab world that we will witness millions of Ahmadis entering into the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at. Please pray that God enables me to become one of the helpers of the Promised Messiahas and His Khalifahaba.”
Marwi Ahmad Shabuti Sahiba


“My joy and happiness knows no bounds. I cannot possibly express my emotions at this time. Every single word emanating from His Holiness struck a chord in my heart and filled it with immense passion and alacrity. I wish to become the sand and stones of the streets where His Holiness will set his blessed foot to visit the Arab countries, God Willing!”
Dr. Wasaam Al-Baraki Sahib


“Allah has blessed His Holiness with a special strength. The message was a beautiful symmetry of captivating writing, speech and delivery. His Holiness gave his address in such an alluring and beautiful manner that even non-Arabs who have spent their entire lives learning Arabic, would not have had the strength to do the same.”
Tamim Abu Daka Sahib

“The Beloved Khalifah’saba address was a compilation of countless great blessings and it was reflective of His Holiness’s great personality, faith and sincerity. By delivering this address in Arabic, His Holiness honored the Arabic language and the Arab people. As I heard His Holiness’s address, my heart was overcome with joy and it felt as if I had entered into heaven. Every single word of His Holiness’s address was testament to the fact that they poured forth from the heart of an ambassador of peace and security who desires spiritual tranquility and peace for every human being in the world.”
Mahir Al-Madini Sahib


“Gratitude to God for He guided and granted us the ability to follow the Imam of the Age, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas. We can never thank God enough for this blessing. Listening to His Holiness speak in Arabic sparked emotions of happiness and joy. God the Almighty has blessed us with being able to witness the day when Khalifatul Masih Vaba relayed his message to Arabs in their very own language!  ‘Verily, I am with you, O Masroor!’ May Allah support you and help you.”
Kareem Sabri Sahib


“I learned Urdu so that I wouldn’t be deprived of listening to His Holiness’s voice directly, and would be able to understand his words myself. I cherish being able to listen to His Holiness’s Friday Sermons in Urdu. However, when all of a sudden I heard my Khalifahaba address me in my own language, I did not focus on the words of the message rather felt euphoric hearing his heavenly Arabic voice. As a child it had been my ardent desire to sit next to the Holy Prophetsa and speak with him. After hearing your address it felt as if I was sitting at the Holy Prophetssa holy court. I am lost for words to express my thanks to you. Your love and affection towards us Arabs is more than the love shown to us by our parents.”
Bashri ‘Emarati Sahiba


“This address has brought about a massive tremor. O God, guide innumerable number of people towards Ahmadiyyat – The True Islam. The greatness of this address by His Holiness will leave a profound effect on my heart for the rest of my life. While I was listening to His Holiness’saddress, my heart was pounding with intense emotion and it felt as if His Holiness was delivering his address whilst standing right in front of me and tears were flowing from the eyes.”
Rafiq Sharifa Sahiba


“Your Holiness, you have made us extremely happy. You caused us to forget the trial and tribulations of emigrating from our homeland. It felt as if my heart left my body due to immense joy and happiness and with you it traveled back fourteen hundred years to attend a gathering with the Holy Prophetsa, when he placed his blessed hand on the shoulder of Hazrat Salman the Persianra with complete affection and grace. Huzuraba I have noted this date, this day marks two Eid festivals for the Arab people. I have firm faith that this is a great turning point for the Arab people and they will accept the Imam of the age in vast numbers. Huzuraba we have received your message, and with all our hearts and souls we say, ‘Yes, O Leader of the believers, we hear and we obey.’ May Allah the Almighty grant the Arab people wisdom and insight so that they understand this message and accept the true servant of the Holy Prophetsa. May Allah change the conditions of Ahmadis so that they are able to openly propagate the message of Ahmadiyyat everywhere.”
Mazin Khabaz Sahib


“I am unable to express my feelings adequately. His Holiness’s Arabic address brought coolness to our hearts. We are as happy as if we were celebrating Eid today. We pray to Allah that He blesses His Holiness’s life and provides him with assistance and support from the heavens and the earth.”
Sha’ar Kalbuna Sahiba


“I was anxiously waiting for His Holiness’s address. When His Holiness began his address, I experienced an unusual awe and fear through my body. My heart was beating like a bird which had just learned to fly and it felt like sitting on His Holiness’s shoulder to embrace him. This rendition filled my eyes with tears and a strange condition of delight and humility overcame me.
Beloved Huzuraba, you speaking Arabic in this manner was an extraordinary surprise for us. You placing the correct vowel at the last alphabet of every word was truly a proof of your prowess of the Arabic language.”
Nshwaan ‘Abdullah Mu’jib Sahib


“His Holiness’s address to the Arabs in their language; Arabic, was a priceless gift. My eyes are full of tears at the condition of the Arabs. After receiving much respect and honour, currently the Arab nation has sunk deeply into the abyss of debasement. Now, His Holiness’s address has, once again, revived hope within this nation to attain that honour. Now the Arab nation should wake up from its’ slumber and hearken to this message.
After His Holiness’s address I am, once again, beginning to take pride in my Arab ethnicity. O Beloved Imam, please pray that each one of us is enumerated amongst those who were first to say ‘Labaik’ at His Holiness’s call. Ameen!”
Asmaa Kamaal Sahiba


“His Holiness, when we heard the great news that His Holiness will address us in Arabic, it felt as if Eid is about to happen again. Hence, I cleaned my home to prepare for Eid and awaited my Beloved Huzur’s Arabic address. On the eve of the 23rd, you graciously fulfilled this glad tiding and we witnessed His Holiness’s words descend on hearts. These blessed words caused my heart to sway and increased love and devotion of God the Almighty. I am requesting prayers for this love to be eternal and steadfastness and spiritual success.”
Bisinah Mansoor ‘Audeh Sahiba


“His Holiness, after listening to your honourable address, the verse came to mind. Blessings of the Holy Prophetsa and his true lover, the Promised Messiahas, can be witnessed behind the preparation of this address.”


Syed Abdul ‘Aziz Sahib  



Alhamdulillah (all praise belongs to Allah) for His Holiness addressing us in the Arabic language! I stood up due to intense emotions and could not sit down throughout the entire address. It is impossible to describe the feelings and emotions of the heart.”
Fuwaad ‘Audeh Sahib




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  • Assalamo Alaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatahu
    We extend our greetings, prayers and warmth to you O your Holiness for this month of fasting. We implore Almighty Allah for His help to allow your eloquence to prevail for all times to the Arabian people and to the entire world. InshaAllah.
    Tears of joy are out of control only to see you on MTA, our speechlessness and throat stuck ready to embrace you Huzur, is amicably simultaneous every step of the way.
    May Allah be your Helper and guide. May Allah Grant you a long healthy and a very successful life. InshaAllah.
    MashaAllah, Ahmadiyyat is reaching the corners of the entire universe against all opposition from our opponents and will continue to gain grounds.