Concept of God of Islam and Christianity


The God of Islam is the same God Who is visible in the mirror of the law of nature and is discernible in the book of nature. Islam has not presented a new God but has presented the same God Who is presented by the light of man’s heart, by the conscience of man, and by heaven and earth.[1]

The Being of God is transcendental and beyond the beyond and is most secret and cannot be discovered by the power of human reasoning alone. No argument can prove it conclusively, inasmuch as reason can travel only so far that contemplating the universe it feels the need of a Creator. But the feeling of a need is one thing and it is quite another to arrive at the certainty that the God, Whose need has been felt, does in fact exist. As the operation of reason is defective, incomplete and doubtful, a philosopher cannot recognise God purely through reason. Most people who try to determine the existence of God Almighty purely through the exercise of reason, in the end become atheists. Reflecting over the creation of the heavens and the earth does not avail them much and they begin to deride and laugh at the men of God. One of their arguments is that there are thousands of things in the world which have no use and the fashioning of which does not indicate the existence of a fashioner. They exist merely as vain and useless things. These people do not seem to realise that lack of knowledge of something does not necessarily negate its existence.

There are millions of people in the world who regard themselves as very wise philosophers and who utterly deny the existence of God. It is obvious that if they had discovered a strong reason for the existence of God, they would not have denied it. If they had discovered a conclusive argument in support of the existence of God, they would not have rejected it shamelessly and in derision. It is obvious, therefore, that no one boarding the ark of the philosophers can find deliverance from the storm of doubts, but is bound to be drowned, and such a one would never have access to the drinking of pure Unity.

Belief in the Unity of God Establishedthrough the Holy Prophetsa

It is a false and stinking notion that belief in the Unity of God can be achieved otherwise than through the Holy Prophetsa; nor can man achieve salvation without it. How can there be faith in the Unity of God unless there is perfect certainty with regard to His existence? Be sure, therefore, that belief in the Unity of God can be achieved only through a Prophet, as our Holy Prophetsa convinced the atheists and pagans of Arabia of the existence of God Almighty by showing them thousands of heavenly signs. Up till today, the true and perfect followers of the Holy Prophetsa present those signs to the atheists.

The truth is that till a person observes the living powers of the Living God, Satan does not depart from his heart, nor does true Unity enter into it, nor can he believe with certainty in the existence of God. This holy and perfect Unity is appreciated only through the Holy Prophetsa.[2]

It is not within the power of man to comprehend all the activities of the Divine, as they are above reason, intellect and imagination. A man should not be proud of his pittance of knowledge that he has to some degree comprehended the system of cause and effect, inasmuch as that knowledge of his is very limited, as if it were a millionth part of one drop out of the ocean. The truth is that as God Almighty Himself is unbounded His activities are unbounded also. It is beyond and above human power to reach the reality of every activity of God.

Contemplating His eternal attributes we can, however, affirm that as Divine attributes have never fallen into disuse, therefore, in God’s creation, some species have always existed in one form or the other; but any eternal personal coexistence [with God] is false. It is to be remembered that, like His attribute of creation, His attribute of destruction has always been in operation all the time and that also has never fallen into disuse.

The philosophers have put forth every effort to bring the creation of heavenly and earthly bodies within the purview of their physical laws and to establish the source of all creation, but they have utterly failed to do so. Whatever they have gathered together as the result of their physical research is quite incomplete and defective. That is why they have not been able to adhere to their theories throughout and have always changed them about. As their research is confined entirely to their reason and speculation and they receive no help from God, they cannot emerge out of their darkness. No one can truly recognise God till he understands that there are numberless activities of the Divine which are far beyond and above human power, reason, and speculation. Before reaching this stage of understanding, a person is either an atheist and has no faith in God, or if he does believe in God, that god is the result of his own reasoning and is not the God Who manifests His Own Being and the mysteries of Whose powers are so numerous that human reason cannot encompass them. Since God has bestowed upon me the knowledge that His powers are wonderful, that they have depth upon depth and are beyond of beyond, and are outside comprehension, I have always considered he philosophers to be rank disbelievers and secret atheists. It is my personal observation, and I have had experience of such wonderful Divine powers, that we can only describe them as something coming into existence out of non-existence. I have described some instances of these signs at some other places. He who has not observed this wonder of Divine power has observed nothing. We do not believe in a god whose powers are limited by our reason and speculation and there is nothing beyond. We believe in the God Whose powers, like His Being, are unlimited, unconfined, and unending.[3]


The Christian doctrine is that those who do not believe in Trinity and do not subscribe to the atonement of Jesusas would be condemned eternally to hell…. To confine Limitless God to three or four partners and to believe that each is perfect in himself and is yet in need of association, and to imagine that God was word in the beginning and that the same word that was God descended into the womb of Mary and acquired a body from her blood and was born in the usual manner and suffered all the ailments of childhood and when he grew up, he was seized and put upon the cross, is abominable shirk, whereby man has been deified. God is above descending into a womb and acquiring a body and being seized by His enemies.

Human nature rejects that God should undergo such suffering and that He Who is the Master of all Greatness and is the Fountainhead of all honour should permit such humiliation for Himself. The Christians admit that this was the first occasion of the humiliation of God and that He had never suffered such humiliation before. It had never happened before that God should have been established in the womb of a woman like the sperm. Ever since people had heard the name of God, it had never happened that He should have been born of a woman like a human child. The Christians admit all this and also admit that the three partners in the Godhead did not in the beginning have three separate bodies, but that at a certain point in time, 1896 years ago, separate bodies were assigned to the three partners. The form of the father is like that of Adamas, for He created Adamas in His own image (see Old Testament, Genesis 1:27), and the son appeared in the form of Jesusas (see John 1:1) and the Holy Ghost assumed the form of a dove. (see Matthew 3:16)….

According to the Christians, these three embodied gods are embodied forever and have separate beings forever and yet all three combined are One God. If anyone can tell us, we should like to know how could all these three be one and yet have separate eternal bodies. Let someone unite Dr. Martyn Clarke and Padre ‘Imad-ud-Din and Padre Thakar Dass into one despite their separate bodies. We can confidently affirm that if the three are beaten into one and their flesh is mixed together, they who were created three by God cannot become one. Since three mortal beings, despite possessing the possibility of assimilation and division cannot become one, then how the three beings about whom the Christians do not admit of the possibility of assimilation and division, can be one?

It would not be improper to say that these three gods of the Christians are like three members of a committee and according to them every commandment is issued by them unanimously or by a majority, as if Godhead were a republican form of government and god could not run the government on his own and is dependent upon the decisions of the council.

Such is the compound god of the Christians; let him who wishes take a look at him.[4]

The Christian religion is deprived of the Unity of God. These people have turned away from the True God and have made a new god for themselves who is the son of an Israeli woman. But is this new god all-powerful as the True God is? His own history bears witness against this. Had he been all-powerful, he would not have been beaten up by the Jews, would not have been taken into custody by the Romans and would not have been put upon the cross. When the Jews said that if he came down from the cross on his own, they would believe in him, he would at once have come down, but on no occasion did he demonstrate his power.

As for his miracles, they are far fewer than those of most other Prophets; for instance, if a Christian were to compare the miracles of Prophet Eliasas, which are set out in detail in the Bible and which include the revival of the dead, with the miracles of Jesusas son of Mary, he would have to confess that the miracles of Prophet Eliasas were grander and more numerous than those of Jesusas son of Mary. The Gospels repeatedly mention that Jesusas used to drive out evil spirits from those who suffered from epilepsy and this is considered a great miracle, which is regarded as laughable by research scholars. It has now been established that epilepsy is caused by some weakness in the brain or some ulcer in the brain or by some other disease, but no one has asserted that it has anything to do with evil spirits….

Neither the birth of Jesusas nor any of his miracles can be cited as proof of his godhead. God Almighty has mentioned the birth of John the Baptist along with the birth of Jesusas in order to indicate that as the extraordinary birth of John does not take him out of the category of human beings, so the birth of Jesusas son of Mary does not prove that he was God….

Jesusas possessed no extraordinary power. He was a humble person and was characterised by human weakness and lack of knowledge. The Gospels show that he had no knowledge of the hidden, he went to a fig tree in order to eat of its fruit and was not aware that there was no fruit on the tree. He confessed that he had no knowledge of the Day of Judgement. Had he been God, he should have known of the Day of Judgement. He possessed no Divine attribute and there was nothing in him which is not to be found in others. The Christians admit that he died. How unfortunate then is the sect whose god is liable to death. To say that he was revived after his death affords no comfort. What reliance can be placed in the life of one who is liable to death?[5]

That to which they call us is a low idea and a shameful doctrine. Can reason accept that a humble creature who possesses all the qualities of a man should be called god? Can reason tolerate that creatures should flog their Creator and that the servants of God should spit in the face of the Powerful God and should seize Him and should nail Him to the cross and that He should be helpless in their hands? Can anyone understand that a person should call himself God and should supplicate a whole night long and his supplication should not be accepted? Can any heart draw comfort from the idea that God should spend nine months in a womb and be nourished on blood and should be born wailing through the usual channel? Can any reasonable person accept that after an eternity of time God should assume a body and one part of Him should take the form of man and another should take the form of a pigeon and that these bodies should confine Him forever.[6]

Absurdity of the Doctrine of Trinity

The doctrine of Trinity is a strange doctrine indeed. Has anyone ever heard of three perfect entities which are at the same time one: three separate and perfect gods combined as one perfect God? The Christian faith is a strange compound of error and misguidance, and despite all these darknesses all possibility of guidance through revelation and inspiration is excluded for the future. Therefore, the errors of the Gospels cannot, according to the Christians, be corrected through new revelations, inasmuch as they believe that there can be no revelation in future. Now their whole reliance is upon individual speculation, which is not free from darkness and ignorance.

The Gospels are a collection of countless absurdities: like the deification of a humble creature, his crucifixion as atonement for the sins of others and his condemnation to hell for three days. They deify Jesusas and yet attribute weakness and falsehood to him. There are several statements in the Gospels, which would prove Jesusas to be a liar. For instance, he promised a thief that he would sup with him that day in heaven and then, contrary to his promise, he chose to go to hell and to abide therein for three days. It is also recorded in the Gospels that Satan led Jesusas to various spots to try him. Strange it is that though Jesusas became God, he could not escape being tried by Satan and that Satan had the daring to try God. This philosophy of the Gospels is beyond comprehension. If Satan had in truth come to Jesusas, he was afforded a good opportunity of exhibiting Satan to the Jews as the Jews were persistently denying his Prophethood.[7]

Be sure that the True God is the One to Whom the Holy Qur’an calls us. Beside Him there is nothing but worship of man or the worship of stones. Without a doubt Jesusas, son of Mary, has also drunk of the fountain of which we drink and has eaten of the fruit of which we eat, but these things have nothing to do with Godhead or sonship of God. The Christians have invented a device for making Jesusas a limited God, which is that they have made him accursed. If he did not become accursed, his Godhead would be useless and his being the son of God was in vain. Yet according to all the lexicographers the meaning of being accursed is that the heart should be disgusted with God, should lose all faith, should turn away from truth, should become an enemy of God, should become wholly bleak and worse than dogs and swine and apes, as is testified to by the Torah. Can it be imagined that even for a second Jesusas ceased to be a loved one of God? Did his heart ever become disgusted with God? Did he ever think of discarding his faith? Did he ever become the enemy of God and God became his enemy? If nothing of this sort happened, then what portion did he suffer of the curse upon which the whole doctrine of salvation has been constructed? Does not the Torah affirm that he who dies on the cross is accursed? If he who is crucified is accursed then no doubt that curse would have fallen on Jesusas as well. But it is the unanimous view that curse connotes distance from God and disgust with Him. To be afflicted with misfortune does not mean that one is accursed. Curse means turning away from God, hating God and even becoming His enemy. The accursed one is the title of Satan. Then reflect whether it is permissible for a righteous one to be considered an enemy of God and dis- gusted with God, should be designated as Satan and one of whom God is an enemy? It would have been better for the Christians if they had accepted hell for themselves and had not condemned a chosen one of God as accursed and Satan. Cursed is the salvation that can only be achieved by declaring righteous ones to be faithless and Satans.




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  • It is nice to know about our Personal God from Promised Messiah and Mehdi . Moreover, Who is itself is a God. A Man like Jesus Christ connot be a God because Jesus Christ was not itself. A Woman like Marryam Mother of Jesus Christ cannot be a God because she was not itself. All men and women cannot be God because they are not itself. Islam guides mankind to beleive God who is itself named ALLah. Let us believe Allah,the God of past, present and future mankind. Thanks