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Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas

Earthquakes are a sign from God. Here, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas, the Promised Messiah, writes about his mission to restore the relationship “between God and His creatures” and the significance of earthquakes in reformation.

The task for which God has appointed me is that I should remove the malaise that afflicts the relationship between God and His creatures and restore the relationship of love and sincerity between them.

Through the proclamation of truth and by putting an end to religious conflicts, I should bring about peace and manifest the Divine verities that have become hidden from the eyes of the world. I am called upon to demonstrate spirituality which lies buried under egoistic darkness. It is for me to demonstrate by practice, and not by words alone, the Divine powers which penetrate into a human being and are manifested through prayer or attention. Above all, it is my task to re-establish in people’s hearts the eternal plant of the pure and shining Unity of God which is free from every impurity of polytheism, and which has now completely disappeared. All this will be accomplished, not through my power, but through the power of the Almighty God, Who is the God of heaven and earth.[1]

Divine revelation has repeatedly employed the word ‘earthquake’ and has indicated that the earthquake will present a spectacle of doomsday, as described in Surah 2016-February-Arabic_Insert-Finalised_pdf__1_page_ [2]

But I cannot say with certainty if it will in fact be an earthquake. It may not be an earthquake but some other dire calamity evoking the spectacle of doomsday, the like of which would not have been witnessed by this age, and which would bring about great destruction of life and property.  However, if no such extraordinary sign appears and people do not openly reform themselves, then I shall prove to be a liar. [3]


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