The Holy Book of the Almighty

The Promised Messiahas & Imam Mahdi (Guided One)
PM-211x300Founder of
Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas

Now, O friends! I will describe to you the distinctive sign which sane reason has appointed for the recognition of a revealed Book is to be found only in the Holy Book of God Almighty, which is the Holy Qur’an. In this age all those qualities which should be found as a distinctive sign of God’s Book are absent in other books. It is possible that they might have possessed those qualities in an earlier age, but they do not possess them now, and though, for the reason that we have set out, we regard them as revealed, yet even if they are revealed, in their present condition they are not of any use. They are like a citadel which is empty and in ruins, and bereft of all wealth and military strength.1 (Essence of Islam, Vol.1, pp.467 -468)


1. The Essence of Islam, Vol. 1, p. 467-468.

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