Science Cannot Defeat Islam

The Promised Messiahas & Imam Mahdi (Guided One)
PM-211x300Founder of
Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas

Just observing the attacks of science over religion in this age when there is a state of war between the two, one should not become disheartened and wonder what to do. There can be no doubt that in this war, Islam does not need to appease itself as the beaten and humiliated. Rather, it is the time of Islam’s spiritual sword just as it had shown its physical might once. Remember this prophecy that soon the enemy in this war will lose with disgrace and Islam will be victorious.

No matter how furious the attack by science and whichever new instruments of war it resorts to, the end result is its defeat. I say with gratitude that I have been bestowed the knowledge of Islam’s superior powers. Through this knowledge I can say that Islam will not only defend itself from the attacks from modern philosophy but will prove the confronting knowledge to be no more than mere ignorance and backwardness. The kingdom of Islam has no fear for these attacks from science and philosophy. The days of Islam’s good fortune are nigh and I perceive the signs of its victory visible in the heavens. This prosperity is spiritual and the victory is also spiritual so that the powers of false knowledge are so weakened by the Supreme that they eventually vanish.

(A’yeena Kamalaat Islam, footnotes, pp.254-255)

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