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The Hunt to Capture the Real Islam

Concluding Address delivered by Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih Vaba, Worldwide Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, on the occasion of Jalsa Salana UK (Annual Convention), saturday, July 29, 2017 at Hadeeqatul Mahdi (Alton)

His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmadaba delivers the concluding address at the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s annual convention in the UK.
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After the recitation of Tashahhud, Taawwuz, and Surah Al-Fatihah, His Holinessaba stated:

‘Whenever I attend an event to which non-Muslims have been invited and I present the beautiful, peaceful teachings of Islam, most people ask in amazement: “Is this really the teaching of Islam?” This reaction and this question is not limited to those living in a [specific] country; rather, it is invariably demonstrated in all countries. Nowadays, the Jama’ats [national administrative organizations of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community] of various countries, within their respective administrative scopes, are distributing leaflets portraying the peaceful teachings of Islam. As I mentioned in yesterday’s report, in every country these leaflets are now being distributed in the hundreds of thousands. On such occasions, everyone [who becomes aware of this] expresses the same astonishment and says that “the media depicts Islam in a completely different manner to how you portray it.” Using the actions of a few extremist groups, the media has defamed the religion of Islam throughout the world to such an extent that these same [sentiments] have been expressed by people living in the most remote regions of Africa to those living in America.

In short, according to the [majority of the] non-Muslim world, those living in the islands of South America, Australia, Europe and Japan, blame Muslims and the teachings of Islam for the chaos, disorder and lack of peace in the world, while actually the teachings of Islam are in fact the guarantor for the true peace and security of the world. In the very word Islam, there is a message of security and peace, which readily accords peace and serenity to everyone, without any distinction, discrimination or preference. The beautiful teachings of Islam are such that they eliminate every kind of inferiority or superiority complex and every type of discrimination by declaring that all humans are equal. The Holy Prophetsa proclaimed that an Arab is not superior to a non-Arab nor is a non-Arab superior to an Arab, and that a white person is not superior to a black person nor a black person to a white person.1

The audience listens while His Holinessaba delivers the concluding address. Thousands come to Alton in the UK every summer to hear the Ahmadiyya Mulim Community’s message of peace.
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As humans, everyone is equal. Furthermore, Allah the Almighty especially made the Holy Prophetsa the guarantor for peace and security by giving him the title of “Mercy for Mankind”. It is not possible that the teaching and conduct of the person sent as a mercy for the world could be destructive to the peace and security of the world. Most importantly, Islam believes in the God who is the Lord of all the worlds, the Creator and Sustainer of everything that exists in the universe and the Lord of the followers of all religions. As a matter of fact, God fulfils the worldly needs even of those who do not believe in Him and grants them peace. The God of Islam is the God who states that the concept of God presented by the fundamental teaching of every religion in reality points to One God. He says, “I am the provider of everything.” Different religions have assigned various names to Him according to the language of the prophet of their respective religion. As a result, some believe that [their] God is different from [those in other religions] and this has resulted in some disputes. Islam has clearly stated that there is no need to quarrel and to slit each other’s throats in the name of religion. There is only One God, Who is the God of the Jews as well as the Christians, the Hindus, the Muslims and the followers of other religions. He is the Lord of everyone.

Thus, the entire creation belongs to Him and He nurtures all of His creation. His beneficence encompasses everything. If His beneficence encompasses everyone and to Him alone belongs the entire creation and if He is the Sustainer of everyone, then why do men seek to create disorder on account of their differences in religion or in other matters? In this age, the Promised Messiahas granted us insight into this matter by stating that the foundation of discord and disorder is laid when people or nations develop a superiority complex; when they feel [that] “God belongs only to us” and that “He does not have any relationship with other nations and religions”. However, when Islam claims that “Our God is:

i.e., the Lord of all the worlds,”2 it draws our attention to the fact that if the God of each and every one of us is One, the One Who is our Sustainer and Creator, then we must live in peace and harmony with each other. Hence, in one place the Promised Messiahas states: “God Almighty begins the Holy Qur’an with the following verse which is contained in Surah Al-Fatihah:

i.e. ‘All perfect and holy attributes belong exclusively to Allah,3 Who is the Lord of all the worlds.’ He [the Promised Messiahas] goes on to say: “The word aalam comprises all kinds of people who exist in all ages and in all countries. The commencement of the Holy Qur’an with this verse was designed to counter the views of such individuals who attempted to monopolise God’s unlimited providence for their own nation. They imagined that the other nations did not belong to God or that having created these other people, God discarded them as being of no consequence, or else perhaps they were shelved to oblivion by Him, or (God forbid) that they were not even created by Him.”4

Islam teaches that the feelings and sentiments of others should always be respected. If people truly followed this credo, it would lead to social harmony.
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Thus, those, who think that God has made them superior to everyone else and that others are not even [part of] God’s creation, or that God has created [those of other faiths] and then discarded and rejected them, are actually the ones who who are creating disorder in the world today and are destroying the peace of the world due to their superiority complex.

In recent days, a politician, who is also a close friend of the President of the United States of America, clearly stated on television that the white race is greater and superior to every other race in the world and that it is their due right to govern [other races] and do with them as they please. Furthermore, he declared black people and Africans to be the most inferior race. As a matter of fact, he went further and stated that due to the colour of their skin, they are unable to possess the same intellectual capacities as white people. In other words, his arrogance has made him so brazen that he [dares] to set himself as equal to God Almighty. Those who set out to defame Islam should reflect and ponder whether such a statement can ever establish peace? This statement echoes what is in the hearts of these arrogant people. No matter how many chants of justice, peace and harmony they raise on the surface, they will in reality try to reach the goals and achieve the agenda which they have expressed, as I have just mentioned.

Elaborating further on the verse,

the Promised Messiahas states: “God the Exalted begins the Holy Qur’an with this verse that:

‘All praise belongs to Allah, Lord of all the worlds.’5

Throughout the Holy Qur’an He has clearly and categorically expressed that it is wrong [to assert] that the prophets of God appeared [only] among specific nations or countries. Rather, God has not forsaken any nation or country. The Holy Qur’an explains through various examples that just as God has overseen the physical development of the people of every country, in accordance with their requirements, so has He blessed every country and every people with spiritual upbringing.”

Islam never allows religious conversion by force. Those who try to spread Islam with the sword willfully ignore the Qur’anic commandments to make peace.
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The Promised Messiahas continues by saying: “As it has been stated by God Almighty in the Holy Qur’an:

That is to say ‘there is no nation to whom a prophet or messenger has not been sent.’”6

Furthermore, the Promised Messiahas states:
“It is an irrefutable fact that the True and Perfect God, believing in Whom is binding upon every person, is the Lord of all the Worlds. His Providence is not confined to any particular people, age or country. In fact, He is the Lord of all peoples, the Lord of time and space, and He is the Sovereign of all the countries. He is the fountainhead of every beneficence and the Source of every physical and spiritual strength. He alone nourishes and sustains everything in existence and every being is supported and protected by Him alone.”

He then states: “The blessings of God are common to all and were conferred upon all nations and countries throughout the ages. This is so that no nation can have recourse to complain and allege that God only favoured such and such people but not others, or that God only revealed His Word containing His guidance to only person x and y but not others, or that through His revelations and miracles God manifested Himself in only such-and-such era but kept Himself hidden at other times. Thus, by universally conferring His bounties He shattered all such criticisms and displayed unparalleled and vast goodness so as to not deprive any nation of physical or spiritual blessings and did not leave any period of time bereft of His blessings.”

Thus, those who allege that white people are more intelligent and possess superior abilities are entirely mistaken. Allah the Almighty has bestowed faculties and bounties upon all peoples. Leaving aside worldly people, who consider themselves to be superior and better than others in certain aspects, no other religion so clearly advocates equality amongst people in the way the teachings of Islam do. Islam alone teaches that God Almighty has treated mankind equally in terms of spirituality by sending a prophet to every nation. All prophets brought the exact same message from God Almighty and there is no difference between them. Thus, according to the Holy Qur’an, only Muslims are bound to believe in the prophets of all nations, whereas this is not binding upon the followers of other religions. The Holy Qur’an teaches us that prophets appeared amongst every people and we believe in all of them.

As we believe in the prophets of all nations, we can never declare that some prophet of such-and-such nation was false or that his teachings were misguided. It is impossible for a Muslim to make such a statement, because in doing so they would be declaring the Holy Qur’an to be false, God forbid! This proves that Islam is unparalleled among religions in terms of religious tolerance and the teachings of peace. In contrast, a Christian or a Jew or a person following any other religion can make any inappropriate remark about the Holy Prophetsa. A Muslim, however, is compelled to revere the names Jesusas, Mosesas, or the founders and prophets of any other religion. Whilst followers of other religions may slander the Holy Prophetsa with unfitting remarks, we as Muslims, on the other hand, send salutations of peace by using the words ‘alaihissalam [peace be upon them] when referring to every prophet, thereby establishing respect and honour for them. Thus, Islam alone is the religion that advocates peace and harmony to the greatest degree by urging its adherents to lay the foundation for reconciliation under all circumstances.

The Holy Ka’bah that Muslims make a pilgrimage to every year was built as a sanctuary for peace and security.
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Allah the Almighty guides Muslims to avoid religious strife and live in mutual peace to such an extent, that He says:

“And revile not those whom they call upon beside Allah, lest they, out of spite, revile Allah in their ignorance. Thus unto every people have We caused their doing to seem fair. Then unto their Lord is their return; and He will inform them of what they used to do.”8

What greater means can there be to eliminate disorder in the world and to allow people to live together in harmony! The verse refers to those who call unto idols instead of Allah the Almighty and practice shirk [associating partners with God] – shirk is one of the gravest sins according to Allah the Almighty – [and] yet He says one is not permitted to speak ill against even the idols of others. Every individual possess sentiments and feelings for his or her respective religion. Regardless of whether those feelings are correct or not, if one forsakes wisdom and insults their idols, they will respond ignorantly and insult Allah the Almighty. This in turn will injure one’s own sentiments and also ignite the fire of strife and discord; therefore, one must avoid this. We will all present ourselves before Allah the Almighty after death, and there He will decide between us as to who is the true Lord; the One who sustains, provides for us and fulfils all our needs and is the Master of reward and punishment. This is the golden principle which, whilst eradicating the chance of disorder and chaos, at the same time promotes the teachings of peace, while also enhancing the moral standard of a Muslim. Explaining this further, the Promised Messiahas says:

“God, through the Holy Qur’an, has taught us to be so refined and respectful in our manners that He admonishes:

“In other words, do not abuse the deities of the idolaters, lest they abuse your God out of ignorance”9 He [further] states: “Now consider this Qur’anic injunction that despite the fact that it treats idols as of no significance, yet God teaches Muslims to abstain from insulting even idols and admonishes them instead to adopt a course of gentle persuasion; lest they [the idolaters] should be provoked, in turn, to abuse God.”10

If a Muslim fails to act upon this teaching, then the fault rests with the action of that individual and not the teaching itself. [Some] non-Muslims assert that the teachings of Islam are wrong and ridicule it thoughtlessly. Actually, it is these people who are destroying the peace of the world, not the teachings of Islam. No blame can rest on the teachings of Islam. If any Muslim is guilty of committing a crime, then that is an atrocity committed on his own part and has no link with Islam’s teachings. Consequently, if a non-Muslim, despite being aware of Islam’s true teachings, then attempts to defame Islam, and as a result it leads to chaos and disorder, then they [i.e. the non-Muslim] are liable for blame.

There are many similar examples found in the teachings of Islam, which neither advocate compulsion nor discord. Rather the extent to which Islam promotes the message of peace, reconciliation, truthfulness and harmony is unmatched by any other religion. For example, in Surah Yunus God Almighty says:

And if thy Lord had enforced His will, surely, all who are on the earth would have believed together. Wilt thou, then, force men to become believers?”11

Therefore, if Muslims were [supposed] to compel the world to believe [in Islam] or exercise force on those who disbelieved or differed with their religious beliefs and thereby disturb the peace, then God Almighty would not have forbidden them from forcing others to become Muslims. God Almighty states that had He so willed – and it is within His powers – He could have forced the entire world to accept Islam, but that God Almighty did not wish for this to happen because this is compulsion. When God Almighty did not wish to do this, naturally He informed the Holy Prophetsa that he too could not force the world to become Muslims. If God Almighty did not give even the Holy Prophetsa this authority, then how can anyone else have the authority to do so? The religious clerics and terrorists, who profess that they can compel others into believing, are acting in direct opposition to the teachings of Islam.

God Almighty then states:

“And say, ‘It is the truth from your Lord; wherefore let him who will, believe, and let him who will, disbelieve.’”12

Hence, if our master, the Holy Prophet Muhammadsa, was not given the authority to compel others to accept Islam, then how can the religious clerics of today and the so-called [religious]organisations, which I have just mentioned, have the right to use force when spreading Islam and tarnish its reputation? Therefore, if anyone does something wrong in the name of Islam then they alone are incorrect, not the teachings of Islam. Islam is a religion of reconciliation, peace, love and harmony. It is a religion that grants peace.

Whatever I have said up until now not only refutes the views of non-Muslims who label Islam as a religion of extremism, mischief and disorder, but also those Muslims who commit acts of terror in the name of Islam and attempt to destroy the peace of the world. Indeed, in spite of having this beautiful teaching, it is the misfortune of [some] Muslims that their actions have emboldened non-Muslims to criticise Islam. However, due to the destruction caused by these so-called Muslim clerics, this was an inevitable outcome. In this age, in keeping with His promise, God Almighty commissioned the Promised Messiahas to reform these erroneous teachings. He demonstrated the true beauty of Islam in light of the teachings of the Holy Qur’an; and indeed he did this.

The Holy Qur’an is the revered Muslim scripture. Only in light of the teachings of the Holy Qur’an can the true and beautiful teachings of Islam be displayed and followed. This is what the Promised Messiahas has clearly explained and demonstrated to us in this era.

With reference to the status of the Holy Ka’bah or Makkah, the Holy Qur’an states:

“Whoso enters it, enters peace.”13

Here the word:   has two meanings. That is, whoso enters it will be protected, and whoso believes in it will be secure and they will grant peace to others as well. The first time this was practically demonstrated was during the conquest of Makkah, when the Holy Prophetsa forgave his and his companions’ most lethal enemies by announcing peace and amnesty for them, and spared their lives. At the time, an Ansari chief claimed that they would now seek vengeance upon the Quraish and humiliate them. Abu Sufyan overheard this and informed the Holy Prophetsa about what this Ansari chief had said. He asked the Holy Prophetsa, “On this day will you not grant us security in this town, in spite of our transgressions of old?” The Holy Prophetsa replied: “On this day, despite all [your] atrocities you shall be granted amnesty, as this town has been declared an abode of peace. The Ka’bah has now been declared to be an abode of peace.” The Holy Prophetsa then stated that what the Ansari chief had said was incorrect. From that very day and from that sacred town and Holy Ka’bah, the teachings of mercy, peace and harmony were to spread throughout the world. [Furthermore], the Holy Prophetsa took away the flag from that Ansari chief, because of what he had said,  and handed it to another chief. Thus, the Holy Prophetsa demonstrated, by means of practical example, the status of the peace and security of this town.14

Hence, Islam’s teachings are [so] peaceful that it exhorts [us] that even when [Muslims] have conquered the staunchest of enemies, they should show those enemies forgiveness and treat them with mercy instead of meting out punishment. In the so-called civilised society of today’s world, who can display such an act of civility? Similarly, with regards to inviting [people]towards peace, in one place of the Holy Qur’an God Almighty states:

“And Allah calls to the abode of peace.”15

Where Allah Almighty instructs us to come towards peace and enter the abode of peace, at the same time He also called those entering Muslims; meaning those who spread and establish peace. If an individual is not mindful of the sanctity of this word, then it is their [own] wrongdoing. Furthermore, upon meeting one another the teaching of Islam is to say  which is to give the greetings of peace to one another.16 Would one who truly conveys the greetings of peace by saying  then pick up the sword and cause bloodshed and disrupt the peace?

Similarly, we observe that as we end our prayers we say  [by turning our heads] to our right side and then to our left. In other words, upon completing his or her worship, one conveys the message of peace and security to [those] [sitting] on one’s right and left, to those in front and behind. Hence, Islam can never be a religion that destroys the peace or one that compels others; rather its teachings are so beautiful that it advocates peace and harmony more than any other religion.

The Holy Qur’an then informs us that this sanctuary [i.e. the Ka’bah] is the true centre of peace and harmony by saying:

Have they not seen that We have made the sanctuary secure for them, while people are snatched away from all around them? Would they then believe in falsehood and deny the favour of Allah?”17

This proclaims that the true purpose of the Holy Ka’bah is to establish peace and security. Also it is a great responsibility placed upon the shoulders of Muslims for them to keep this place the centre for peace. God Almighty proclaims that whosoever remains attached to this [place] shall be guaranteed peace. In other words, true security shall be granted only to those who, through their belief in God Almighty, create a bond with the House of Allah. It is the misfortune of the Muslims – especially the rulers of Muslim states – who, even in the face of such a clear guarantee, commit atrocities emboldened by their wealth and power, instead of striving to establish peace and security by turning their attention to the One God and the purpose behind building the Holy Ka’bah as mentioned by Him in the Holy Qur’an. They think that their worldly allies and leaders are guarantors of their security. God Almighty has already declared that He has established peace in this sanctuary and in reality, it is due to Him that those who remain attached to it will be granted security.

If the superpowers of the world and their plans led to peace then the current disorder and chaos would not exist. In the world today, there is a lack of peace and restlessness due to the fact that people are more focused on the material world rather than God Almighty. Thus, a secular person is preparing their own destruction by neglecting the One God. However, the Muslims should realise that in this day and age since the belief in the oneness of God is disappearing, the house that has been ordained for establishing the oneness of God was to be commissioned through the ardent devotee of the Holy Prophetsa. They [i.e. Muslims] must accept him so that they may gain true beneficence from this abode of peace, lest they too should fall into ruin, like the other nations around them. The status of this city of peace will remain and it shall always stay this way. However instead of tyrants and leaders bereft of any spiritualty, God Almighty will ensure that just and devout leaders come into power. True peace cannot be established without spirituality. Hence, the servants of the Harmain [the two sacred places, i.e. Makkah and Madinah] will need to search for true spirituality in order to establish peace. In order to achieve this it is essential for them to submit to the true devotee of the Holy Prophetsa. This is necessary so that the true and peaceful teachings of Islam may become manifest and clear to the entire the world; Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Then, the response of those who reject Islam can be found in the Holy Qur’an:

“And they say, ‘If we were to follow the guidance with thee, we should be snatched away from our land.’”18

Thus, if Islam was a religion of transgression, coercion and extremism, then the Makkans would not have responded to the Holy Prophetsa by saying that they would be cast out of their homes. It is not the Muslims who are committing injustices and transgressions; rather it is other [non-Muslim] governments and rulers who are committing these injustices and transgressions, and from fear of whom people do not wish to accept Islam. Even non-Muslims agreed that the teachings of Islam are peaceful. Hence, this is why they said that if they joined the Muslims and began to act on their teachings and accepted Islam, then they would be seized and exiled from their homes. Thus, this shows that even in that time, non-Muslims agreed that the teachings of Islam are peaceful. They said to the Holy Prophetsa, “You have taught us to spread peace and harmony, but if we adopt this path, we will be destroyed by the nations around us.”

Today, there is a significant global arms race and atom bombs are being developed with the justification that they serve as a deterrent and ward off threats from other nations. Presently, approximately nine or ten countries in the world possess nuclear weapons. Aside from Pakistan, no Muslim state possesses nuclear weapons; and even then its capability is unknown. In a future war the greatest danger is from these nuclear weapons. Similarly, the best weapons found in the world are produced in non-Muslim countries. If Muslim countries are using such weapons, they do so by having acquired them from these non-Muslim countries. Similarly, if they are being used by terrorist organisations to carry out atrocities in the name of Islam, they do so by obtaining them from non-Muslim states, and it is these very countries who continue selling weapons to make profit in their businesses. So this is the current state of those who say that Islam is a religion of extremism and that it teaches cruelty and violence. The nations who are at the forefront of the arms race are the ones who continue to provide weapons to those who act against the teachings of Islam. Again, as I have mentioned, the nations who are at the forefront in alleging that the teachings of Islam are a threat to world peace are the very nations from where weapons are being distributed, and this will in turn destroy the peace.

The teachings of Islam are so peaceful that even now people think that if they were to adhere to them, they would be killed due to preaching a message of peace and security. However, it is a grave misfortune that in this day and age those people who call themselves Muslims are obtaining weapons from the very nations who defame and criticise Islam, then use those weapons against not only fellow Muslims, but other people as well. Consequently, they become the means of destroying world peace.

Although the word Islam literally means ‘peace’, so-called Muslims gather weapons to barbarically attack the innocent. This is far removed from what the Qur’an actually teaches.
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A few decades ago, a truthful non-Muslim scholar wrote a book. Whilst exposing the real image of [certain] non-Muslims, he wrote that in the course of the Prophet Muhammad’ssa entire life, at best a few hundred of his most severe enemies may have been killed during the battles in which he fought. Yet in only one of the world wars, hundreds of thousands of people were killed. And yet, it is still the Holy Prophetsa who is accused of spreading strife in the world in that he gave us a teaching which [supposedly] destroyed the peace and harmony of the world and is a religion which promotes extremism and violence.

The proof of the peaceful teachings of Islam lies in the reply given to the Holy Prophetsa by certain tribes. They feared that if they believed in Islam, its teaching of peace and tranquillity would cause their ruin, since Islam teaches abstention from unnecessary wars. Those tribes believed that if they acted upon what Islam teaches then the tyrants would persecute them, since unjust people continue to wage wars and target others. They wished not to endanger their lives and as a result they stayed as they were. Joining the Muslims would entail that they [themselves] would become targets of injustices.

By casting a look at history we can clearly see that Islam removed the disorder that existed in the Arabian Peninsula. The response of the tribes demonstrates that by following the Islamic teaching they knew they would become engulfed in difficulties, for they were ignorant of the bounties of God Almighty as they had no faith. They were only considering the apparent reality. They knew that by adhering to these peaceful teachings at a time when evil and disorder were rampant all around them would be tantamount to death. However, after the victory of Makkah Islam flourished and when the neighbouring tribes became aware of the peace treaty between the Makkans and the Muslims, they realised that it was only the peaceful teachings of Islam that would make them successful in both secular and spiritual ways. Some accepted Islam after witnessing signs and nobody compelled them. While they chased after material wealth they continuously rejected Islam. If they were to be compelled into believing then God would not have reassured the Holy Prophetsa by saying:

“And remember the time when the Messengersa said ‘O my Lord! These people will never believe. They do not listen to me.’ Allah the Almighty stated: ‘Thus, turn aside from them, and say, “Peace”; and soon shall they know.’”19

In other words, the Holy Prophetsa addresses Allah the Almighty by saying that the people did not understand the teachings of peace and security which he had brought from God Almighty. They did not believe in them; rather, they were preoccupied in quarrels, wars and causing disorder. The Holy Prophetsa was persecuted in Makkah for 13 years and later the Makkan armies launched an attack on Madinah as well.

The Holy Prophetsa states that the people to whom he had brought the message of peace were not leaving him in peace; in fact, they were resorting to cruelties and injustices. God Almighty did not instruct him to respond to them in the same manner immediately and wage war against them and deal with them harshly; rather, God Almighty said:

“Therefore, turn to them with forgiveness”20 for they have failed to understand the greatness and importance of this teaching. This is why they are acting in this manner. Despite this, God instructs the Holy Prophetsa to send salutations of peace upon them and he continued to do so as he had come to them with the message of peace. Soon after the world came to know that the Holy Prophetsa brought peace and security to the world and nothing else and indeed after a short period the Arab world witnessed this for themselves.

Thus, this message of peace and security was not only for those who professed their belief in him, but also for those who did not. After this, non-Muslims ask the question that if he taught a message of peace then why did wars take place? The response to this is that when the disbelievers launched an attack on Madinah in order to completely eradicate Islam, it was only then that God Almighty stated:

That is: “permission to fight is given to those against whom war is unnecessarily waged.”21 They were subjected to cruelties simply because they proclaimed that God Almighty was their Lord and on account of this they were driven out of their homes. In the subsequent verse Allah the Almighty states that if their mischief had not been met with a stern response then those who opposed faith would have exceeded all limits and would have destroyed churches, synagogues, and the places of worship of other faiths as well as mosques. Therefore, if permission to fight was given it was granted only to establish peace. The word jihad does not at all mean to carry out cruelties and injustices. We are extremely fortunate that the Promised Messiahas has guided us in every aspect. Thus, expounding upon these verses of the Holy Qur’an, the Promised Messiahas states:

“Islam did not initiate the raising of the sword. In fact, Islam only granted permission to take arms at a specific time of need in order to establish peace. Furthermore, Islam never granted permission to kill women, children and monks. Rather only those who initiated the taking of the sword against Islam perished by the sword.”

The Promised Messiahas continues by saying:
“The Torah contains the most teachings in regards to fighting with the sword and as a result countless women and children were killed. If a God in whose sight those harsh and merciless wars were deemed acceptable and were fought by His command, then it is a great injustice for the same God to be displeased by the wars fought in Islam by the Holy Prophetsa who did so in a state of oppression and for the purpose of establishing peace.”22 

The Promised Messiahas further states:
“If this was not the practise of God Almighty to repel some men by means of others then the cruelties and injustices would have reached a point where they would have pulled down cloisters in which people worship in seclusion; churches belonging to the Christians and the synagogues of the Jews would have been destroyed and the mosques of the Muslims wherein the name of God is oft commemorated would have been demolished. Thus, God Almighty here explains that He alone is the protector of all these places of worship. Therefore, it is obligatory in Islam that if, for example, the Muslims occupy a country that is predominantly Christian, they are not to interfere with their places of worship and should forbid anyone from destroying Christian churches. The same instructions are found in the Ahadith [traditions of the Holy Prophetsa]. It has been mentioned in the Ahadith that whenever a general of the Muslim army was sent for battle, he would be forbidden to attack the places of worship belonging to the Christians and Jews; and also the cloisters wherein monks would worship in seclusion. From this it is evident just how far Islam is from any kind of intolerance and prejudice as it affords the same kind of protection to the Christian churches and Jewish synagogues as it does to the mosques. Indeed, God who revealed the religion of Islam did not wish for the extermination of Islam from the attacks of its enemies; in fact, He permitted Muslims to engage in a defensive war and allowed them to retaliate in self-defence.”23

Thus, nowhere can it be proved that the religion of Islam abolishes peace or sanctions the destruction of the places of worship of other faiths. Those who commit such acts are all contradicting the teachings of Islam. This was the case in Iraq and Syria, etc., where the places of worship of other faiths were destroyed and churches were pulled down and even here [in the West] churches were burnt down. For those who perpetrate such acts there awaits a punishment for them in hell, instead of a reward in the heavens.

Muslims are reminded in the Holy Qur’an to protect all places of worship such as churches, synagogues and temples. In other words, Muslims are obligated to respect the freedom of conscience of all people.
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Then there is another factor that destroys world peace. Islam instructs that one must contend against all evils that can destroy peace. In the Holy Qur’an God Almighty states:Which means “creating disorder and strife is worse than killing.”24 Undoubtedly, the killing of an individual is a very grave matter and a murderer is a person to be looked upon with abhorrence. The Holy Qur’an states that although killing someone is a heinous crime and a grave sin, creating disorder and unrest is even worse. Why is this the case? This is because there is the danger of millions of lives being lost. In fact, in certain situations we have observed that hundreds of thousands of lives have indeed been lost due to such mischievous acts and these acts can also cause nations as well as people to fight against each other. Therefore, Islam instructs [Muslims] to punish an individual found guilty of spreading disorder and mischief. Those who create mischief and disorder disrupt the peace and serenity within homes as well as the peace and harmony among nations.

The political climate of today and the conspiracies being hatched are nothing short of this. Indeed, it is nothing short of strife when one nation falls out with another and then seeks the support of other nations by producing fabricated reports, or entices other leaders with wealth to make them their allies and to help to attain their goals. Moreover, in this day and age they lobby together on such a vast scale that whichever nation they hatch conspiracies against, the former do not rest until they have completely annihilated the latter. Islam states that such individuals who destroy an entire nation through the flames of mischief and disorder, and do so cunningly in the name of peace, are in fact guilty of murder and should be punished accordingly. Undoubtedly these people should be punished, but they are very influential and powerful; who has the courage to punish them! Islam, however, commands that such people should be punished.

The Holy Prophetsa has also taught us that a Muslim is one from whose hands and tongue other Muslims are protected.25 On another occasion the Holy Prophetsa also stated “from whom others are protected” [as opposed to only Muslims].26 Thus, the teachings of Islam are not only a guarantor for peace for Muslims but also for establishing peace among other nations and people of the world.

The secular world has witnessed all [types of] man-made systems, organisations and laws, yet they have failed to bring an end to the disorder of the world despite ensuring the adherence to these laws. They will be unable to do this until they establish a system based on the true teachings of Islam. So long as the teachings of Islam remained in their original form the world continued experiencing peace and serenity. Regrettably however, when the Muslims forgot their own teachings, they became the worst oppressors. Islam details the teachings about establishing peace and harmony, some of which I have mentioned already during the Jalsa [annual convention]. This convention is being attended by many delegates from the press and media as well as other non-Muslims, who raise various questions in their private meetings with me. In this manner it is hoped they have had their questions answered to a certain extent.

The situation of the world is such that disorder and chaos is increasing day-by-day. This is why I felt it necessary to speak on these matters today; perhaps they will inform the rest of the world. The teachings of Islam alone instructs people of different religious backgrounds to live with each other in peace and harmony and this teaching alone seeks to establish and urges peace between different nations. It is this very teaching that guides people at every level how to live peacefully with one another. If those who do not understand or accept these teachings – owing to their lack of knowledge or ignorance – raise allegations against these teachings and declare them to be void of love, peace and brotherhood, then all that can be said to them is that they should reform their deeds and remove the veil of prejudice from their eyes and replace it with the true light, which is attained through [coming closer to] God Almighty.

We should pray that God guide all Muslims around the world to the true teachings of Islam and allow religious harmony to prevail.

Thus, in order to improve the situation of the world today there is only one path that can change the rate at which the world is charging towards its own destruction; and that is for people to recognise their Lord and Creator, Who in order to rescue mankind from oblivion, invites them to come under the shade of His mercy and peace. Thus, no matter how many systems are implemented by the people of this world, there is no law, constitution, treaty or effort that can prevent the world from falling into the pit of destruction.

Thus, I urge the worldly people: O people of this world who seek peace and tranquillity! Instead of raising allegations against the teachings of Islam, come and pay heed to the voice of the ardent devotee of the Holy Prophetsa who was sent by God Almighty in this era in order to save humanity from destruction and the incurring of His displeasure, and who has said: “O people of Europe, you are not safe and O people of Asia, you too, are not immune. And O dwellers of [various] Islands, no false gods shall come to your rescue. I see cities fall and entire settlements obliterated. Thus, the world should turn to its One and only God, lest this should come true.”27

Then the Promised Messiahas further states: “The days are approaching when the sun of truth will rise from the West and Europe will recognise the True God. Thereafter the door of repentance will be closed, for those who wish to enter will have entered eagerly and only those will remain outside whose hearts are by nature sealed, and who are in love, not with light, but with darkness. The time is near when all religions will perish except Islam. All weapons will be broken except the heavenly weapon of Islam, for it will neither be broken nor will it be blunted till it has broken all Antichrist tendencies into pieces. The time is near that the true Unity of God, which is perceived within their nature even by those who dwell in the desert or are completely unaware of any teaching, will spread through all regions. On that day there will remain no artificial atonement nor an artificial god. A single stroke of God will frustrate all the plans of disbelief, not by any sword, nor by any gun, but by bestowing light on eager souls and by illumining the pure hearts. Then will there be an understanding of all that which I say.”28

Understanding the message of the Ahmadiyya Community can help unify Muslims and establish global peace.

May Allah the Almighty enable us to become sincere enough to understand the true meaning of tauheed [the Oneness of God]. May we become a true ‘aabid [worshipper of Allah Almighty]. May we become the recipients of the Mercy and Grace of Allah Almighty and also inform the world that if they wish to truly survive then they must recognise their One [true] Creator. May God Almighty enable us to do so.

We will now pray. Remember to pray for Ahmadis residing in Pakistan, as well in Algeria who are facing hardship. Also keep the Muslim Ummah, in general, in your prayers who, on account of their ignorance are inviting the wrath of God upon themselves. The situation of the world is continuing to deteriorate; therefore, as I mentioned earlier, remember the people generally in your prayers also. May Allah Almighty send down His grace and may He grant us the opportunity to discharge our obligations. Let us pray.

Finally, also listen to the attendance report. This year the total attendance was 37,393 and there were representatives from 114 countries.’


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