The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa)

A Glimpse into the Life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(sa)

Characteristics of the Holy Prophetsa

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Allah the Exalted granted the Holy Prophetsa­ with a company of followers who, in their love and sincerity, studied his every action with a keen eye and left behind a complete portrait of such perfection, by means of their unparalleled vivid written depictions, the like of which cannot be found in any other illustration. One is astonished to read the statements of the companions of the Holy Prophetsa, as found in Hadith – how the illiterate Bedouins of the Arabian wilderness were able to eternally preserve the actions and movements of their master and chief upon the tablets of time. For example, in which manner did the Holy Prophetsa sleep and how would he awaken from sleep. In which manner did he eat and drink, how would he sit and rise, how is it that he walked. In which manner would he stand, how he would converse and how he would silence himself. In which manner would he laugh and cry, how would he manifest his pleasure or express his displeasure. In which manner would he conduct himself in his domestic affairs, by which means would he pass his time in travel. How did he interact with his wives and how is it that he spoke to children. What conduct would he extend to dear ones and how did he treat foreigners. How did he fulfill the requirements of friendship and what conduct did he present before his adversaries. How did he conduct himself in times of reconciliation and peace and in which manner would he fight in battles. How did he fulfill the rights of mankind and how did he fulfill the rights of God the Almighty. In what manner would he listen to the word of Allah and then convey it to others. Hence, every aspect of his life portrait has been minutely preserved before us with extensive elaboration, covering even the minutest of details. Procure any book of Hadith and begin to sift through its pages. It becomes evident that one aspect or another of the beautiful portrait of the Holy Prophetsa can be seen, shining brilliantly with the lustre of life. One experiences the sensation that a lively portrait, with all its charm, has come before us.1


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