The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa)

A Glimpse into the Life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(sa)


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On the other hand, the cruelties of the Makkans were growing day by day, for they understood well that now was the time to erase Islam. But even in this delicate era (such a more vulnerable era had not befallen Islam), the Holy Prophetsa and his companions stood in their place like a firm mountain. At times, the determination and steadfastness of the Holy Prophetsa would even put his enemies to astonishment, after all, what kind of inner-strength did this man possess? For nothing seems to move him from his place. Rather, in that era, the words of the Holy Prophetsa especially possessed a kind of power and awe, and in these fierce storms, the Holy Prophetsa would become even more audacious. On the one side, if this sight astonished the Quraish, on the other, it also made their hearts tremble.1


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