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Turning Towards Anything Besides Allah

The Promised Messiah(as), Imam Mahdi (Guided One), Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(as)

It ought to be remembered that an individual can only observe and fully experience prayer, in the true sense, with the help of supplication. To beg of anyone or anything besides Allah is diametrically opposed to a believer’s dignity, because only Allah is worthy of being implored in supplication. Know for certain that until a person abases themselves completely and does not beseech Allah the Exalted alone, and does not implore Him alone, they cannot be deemed a true Muslim and a true believer in the actual sense. The very essence of Islam is that all of one’s faculties – whether internal or external – must always lay prostrate at the threshold of Allah Almighty, just as a large engine fuels many other parts. In the same way, until a person’s every action and movement is not made to follow the overall power and control of the engine, how can they believe in the divinity of Allah Almighty? Until this is so, can such an individual call themselves ‘one who is ever inclined to God,’ in the true sense when reciting the words:

  إِنِّي وَجَّهْتُ وَجْهِيَ لِلَّذِي فَطَرَ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالْأَرْضَ

 (I have turned my face towards Him Who created the heavens and the earth)?

If a person reinforces their words through action and turns towards God, then undoubtedly such a one is a Muslim; they are a believer and one who is ever inclined to God. However, one who beseeches anything or anyone besides God, and submits to others as well, ought to remember that they are most unfortunate and deprived. For a time will soon come when they will no longer be able to submit to Allah Almighty, even with empty words or hollow gestures.[1]


[1] Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas, Malfuzat, Volume 1 (Tilford, Surrey: Islam International Publications Ltd., 2018), 163.