An Unbreakable Challenge: Prophets of God Will Always Prevail

During the Concluding Address at the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s annual convention in France, His Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba), spoke about a unique and unambiguous challenge issued by the Holy Qur’an in which God Almighty has declared that God and His Messengers will always succeed, despite every kind of opposition. We cover His Holiness’ three most important points below.

An Unbreakable Challenge: Prophets of God Will Always Prevail

From time immemorial whether it was Prophet Adam (as), Noah (as), Moses (as) or Muhammad (sa), irrespective of whichever era they were born in, they all had one thing in common: when God Almighty appointed them as prophets to spread His message in the world, they never gained instant success. Instead, they all faced bitter opposition; they were ridiculed, mocked and persecuted. However, despite all the odds, it was the opponents that were frustrated and the prophets of God always prevail.

The same was the case with the advent of the Holy Prophet (sa) of Islam. He came up against opposition from all corners of Arabia, but eventually his message succeeded. In a similar manner, the Promised Messiah (as) faced persecution from all religions circles and even worldly governments. Nevertheless, God Almighty continuously vouchsafed to the Promised Messiah (as) that the message of God would prevail.

With this divine backing, the Promised Messiah (as) openly declared in plain words that his mission would triumph. He explained that he was a prophet of God, who did not bring any new Shariah or book and the reason why he was granted the status of being a prophet is because he demonstrated perfect obedience to the Holy Prophet (sa).

God Guides and Protects His Pious People

It has been decreed in the Holy Qur’an that those people who submit themselves entirely to God, they become one with God and He never abandons them. God Almighty never lets a true servant of His go to waste.

His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba) then related countless faith-inspiring incidences from Cameron, Tanzania, India, Ivory Coast, Benin, Congo Kinshasa and Ghana, which illustrated how God Almighty guides people to the Ahmadiyyat through true dreams, pamphlets, radio programmes and MTA. There were instances of people who accepted Ahmadiyyat having visually seen the fulfilment of their prayers. Even staunch opponents of the Community were guided towards Ahmadiyyat, the true revival of Islam.

In one instance, Mr Ahmadu Sahib from Cameroon stated that he accepted Ahmadiyyat owing to a dream. Previously he had been negligent in offering his prayers. One day he saw in a dream that a person with a white beard came to visit him and instructed him to offer his prayers. That same person then advised him to offer his prayers regularly. Mr Ahmadu Sahib states that from the moment he saw the dream he began to offer his prayers regularly. One day, Mr Ahmadu Sahib was watching television and began switching to different channels. During this he came across MTA Africa and saw that the person with a white beard that he had seen in his dream, was delivering a sermon on MTA Africa. Upon enquiry he learnt about the Ahmadiyya Community and the fact that the person he had seen in the dream was the Khalifa [Caliph]. Mr Ahmadu replied that the person who encourages him to observe his prayers could never be labelled as a liar, and thus he entered into the fold of Ahmadiyyat.

Some of the new converts faced great difficulty after accepting Ahmadiyyat, yet they remained steadfast in the face of adversary from their families, friends and loved ones. These converts excelled in their faith to such an extent that they went to great lengths to attend the Jalsa Salana [Annual Convention] and offered great sacrifices in the system of Chanda [monetary sacrifice], despite all their personal hardships.

In one example, a youth from a region in Mali accepted Ahmadiyyat. Upon accepting Ahmadiyyat he began facing sever persecution from his family members. His father beat him on several occasions and even threw him out of the house. Many of his family members tried to distance him from the Community, however, despite all these difficulties, this youth remained steadfast on his faith and would regularly partake in activities. On one occasion he came to the mission house and was perturbed as his father had thrown him out of the house. The youth prayed to God Almighty for his father to change his stern conduct. It so happened that the very next day his father came looking for him. Not only was his father regretful of his actions, but he even accepted the fact that his son had become an Ahmadi and said that he could remain an Ahmadi.

His Holiness (aba) then presented several accounts of those people who bitterly opposed the Community in: Ivory Coast, Ghana, Liberia, India and Tanzania, and stated how they met their end which can serve as a reminder for all opponents of the community in the future.

The Advent of the Promised Messiah (as) Marked the Triumph of Islam Over all Religions.

Those who make steps towards forging a relationship with God Almighty are regarded as small and insignificant by worldly opponents. However, God Almighty guides them at each stage and polishes them to the extent that they become like the Khalifa of God.

We as Ahmadis must actively spread the message of Ahmadiyyat. Those who have recently joined the community ought to spread the message of Ahmadiyyat that once guided them to others.