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A Glimpse into the Life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa)

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Remembrance of Allah and Prayer

The Holy Prophet Muhammad(sa) would begin every task with the recitation of Bismillah [in the name of Allah]. He said that anything that began without Bismillah remained unblessed. He remembered Allah all the time, whether he was free or engaged. He was undoubtedly the true picture of the saying:

‘While the hands work, the heart stays with the Beloved.’

The Holy Prophet Muhammad(sa)  had prayers for every occasion and every situation.  He would pray upon waking up in the morning and in the evening, when entering the house or going out, when entering or leaving the mosque, when entering or leaving the lavatory, before meals and afterwards, while going to the market and before embarking upon a journey: in every situation he turned to God and prayed to Him. When he sat among people, he would offer Istighfar [the seeking of forgiveness from Allah] seventy times.[1]