Summary: Ahmadiyya Muslim Medical Association UK Annual Meeting 2019, Islamabad

On 30 November 2019, the AMMA UK (Ahmadiyya Muslim Medical Association United Kingdom) held its annual meeting in Islamabad, UK, the headquarters of the Community. This event was graced with the presence of Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba), the Caliph and Worldwide Head Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. During the event, His Holiness (aba) awarded prizes to female Ahmadi doctors . His Holiness (aba) addressed the Association at the concluding session of this event. The Review of Religions presents a very brief summary. In his address to the doctors and students of various fields, His Holiness (aba) said:

According to the reports, during the course of the year the AMMA UK has sent out 36 doctors to serve in various parts of the world such as Malaysia, Guatemala, Pakistan and several countries in Africa. It has also provided specialist equipment for hospitals around the world. 

His Holiness (aba) then said that members should continue to discharge their duties and make further financial contributions to support the various projects being undertaken to alleviate the suffering of humanity.

Thereafter, His Holiness (aba) instructed the association to liaise with the Waqf-e-Nau department to impress upon them the great importance of the dedication they have made and to grant them the training and experience required to go out and work in the field. 

His Holiness (aba) explained that with the shortage of doctors around the world, it is important to train doctors in certain specialist fields in order to alleviate the shortfall currently faced. There should be a genuine desire and the spirit of sacrifice to take time out to serve humanity, which can be carried out without disturbing one’s schedule. 

His Holiness (aba) then gave the example of a doctor from the US who has taken time out to travel to Pakistan and help improve the standard in the hospital there, and explained how this displayed his true spirit of dedication. 

His Holiness (aba) then said that those who are part of the Waqf-e-Nau scheme should present themselves once they have completed their studies and be ready to serve in the number of hospitals established around the world.

A message to all members of the AMMA UK was then given that they should sacrifice as much time as possible for the Waqf-e-Arzi and doctors should be ready to work full-time for serving humanity, after completion of their studies. 

His Holiness (aba) then quoted the Promised Messiah (as) in which he stated that one should make every sacrifice to serve humanity without expecting anything in recompense. This should be out of their sincere love for humanity and not for any other cause. These words should serve as a guiding light in your work and encourage members of the AMMA UK to acquire the knowledge and experience needed to best serve humanity and alleviate the suffering of mankind.

He reiterated that it should not be the case that Ahmadi doctors utilise their skills only for earning riches, each and every one should dedicate their time and expertise for the sake of the Community and fulfil the rights of mankind. Only then will they be counted amongst those people who have acquired the highest morals, as described by the Promised Messiah (as).

His Holiness (aba) then prayed that Allah Almighty enable them to discharge their duties to the very best of their abilities in service to mankind in the spirit of selflessness and grant them success in their noble efforts.