Nothing in the World is Empty of Benefit

The Promised Messiah (as) & Imam Mahdi (Guided One), Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as)

It should also be remembered clearly that everything has a benefit. Simply observe the world around us. From the highest forms of vegetation to insects and mice, there is nothing in this world which does not benefit man in some form or another. All of these things, whether earthly or heavenly, are reflections and traces of the attributes of Allah Almighty. Now when even the attributes of God are nothing but good, how beneficent and advantageous is His Being itself? At this instance, it ought to be remembered also that sometimes we suffer injury from various things due to our own error and lack of understanding, and not because there is an inherent harm in the things themselves; our own misjudgement and error is responsible. In the same vein, due to our own ignorance of certain divine attributes, we are afflicted by pain and hardship. For God Almighty Himself is nothing but mercy and compassion. The underlying mystery behind the cause of hardship and grief in this world is that humans suffer affliction by their own hands, as a result of their misjudgement and deficient knowledge. Therefore, it is through the skylight of God’s attributes alone that we find Allah the Exalted to be a most Merciful and Compassionate Being — a Being Whose benefit cannot be fathomed. Those who are closest and nearest to God reap the benefits of His Being to a greater degree. This rank is enjoyed by those who are righteous and who are blessed with a place of nearness to Allah Almighty. As a righteous person continues to grow closer to God, they are bestowed with the light of divine guidance, which enlightens his knowledge and reason in an extraordinary manner. [1]


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