Message from Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (aba) from Islamabad Tilford, England

English Translation of the message as appeared on MTA International today

Private Secretary to Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (aba) said:

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem (In the Name of Allah, the most Gracious, the Ever Merciful).

Assalamo Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahe Wa Barakatohu (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you).

At this time, I would humbly like to present a message from Huzur-e-Anwar, may Allah strengthen his hand, for the members of the Jama’at (Ahmadiyya Muslim Community).

Huzur-e-Anwar says:

“It is with regret that today I will not be able to deliver the Friday Sermon. This is because in the last few days, as I was walking in the courtyard of my home, my foot stumbled on a mat and I slipped. As a result I fell on a hard surface sustaining considerable injury to my nose and forehead. It is therefore difficult to deliver the Friday Sermon. Further, the doctor has advised to take some rest. Pray that Allah the Almighty grants complete recovery so that I may be enabled, InshaAllah (God willing), to deliver the Friday Sermon next week.

Moreover, we are in the last ten days of Ramadan. Pray profusely that may Allah the Almighty protect and safeguard the Jama’at from all forms of evil and mischief.

In Pakistan nowadays politicians and the media have greatly intensified their opposition and enmity to the Jama’at. They are playing politics on the name of Allah the Almighty and His Messenger, the Seal of the Prophets, the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. Ahmadis are especially being made the targets and the focus of this opposition. May Allah the Almighty protect the entire country and the Jama’at from the harmful repercussions of these political games. 

Nevertheless, it is our duty to reply to these attacks with prayers and by submitting before Allah the Almighty. During these last ten days of Ramadan, bow down in supplication before Allah the Almighty to an even greater extent than before. Pray to and beseech Allah the Almighty with humility that He may grant you His mercy and grace. May Allah the Almighty enable every Ahmadi to act upon this, Ameen.”

I will now request Respected Dr. Shabeer Bhatti Sahib to present a medical report on Huzur-e-Anwar.

Dr. Shabeer Bhatti

“Huzoor ayyadahullahota’ala (may Allah strengthen his hand) sustained some injuries to the forehead and knees during the fall. By the Grace of Allah, these were all superficial and there was no deep injury. There is some swelling and bruising around the forehead which is resolving. 

InshaAllah a complete recovery is expected. Huzur is able to move around without much pain. Huzurs general health is much improved, Alhamdulillah.
A humble request was made to Huzur ayyadahullahota’ala to rest for a few days and not deliver the Friday sermon this week. Huzur has graciously accepted this request.”


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  • May Allah the Almighty bless my beloved huzoor (atba)with good, sound and extraordinary speed recovery. Ameen

  • InshAllah taala our beloved khalifa will get well soon ,and will deliver his next sermon. Ameen. whole world jamaat DUA is with him.

  • May Allah Almighty grant our beloved Imam, Huzur (atba) a very swift and complete recovery with further good health and long life.
    Ameen Alaahuma Ameen

  • We are all praying for our beloved Huzur-e-Anwar inshaallah to recover speedily when I hear it I cry for my Huzur the pain because I did fell the same way on the 1 oct 2019 and lose my tooth when I was taking children to school my Huzur stay bless and love to the entire family I pray you and the entire family Ameen
    Hassana Sulleymani of Wa