A Few Words Made the Impossible…Possible

During the seven year course at Jamia Ahmadiyya – the Ahmadiyya Institute for Languages and Theology – future Imams of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community develop a strong, and unique bond with the Caliph, and Head of the Worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. As Imams, they will be representatives of the Caliph wherever they go, tasked with conveying the true message of Islam. Thus, the Caliph keeps them especially close, in order to personally teach and nurture them to become the best possible ambassadors for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. 

Upon their graduation, the Review of Religions asks these Imams to share an inspiring incident or experience which they had with the Caliph over the span of their seven year studies. The following is one such incident:

Imam Nafees Qamar, Class of 2017

KhilI was in the 5th year of Jamia Ahmadiyya UK and I was sitting the end of year exams. My Hadith(sayings of the Holy Prophet (sa)) exam did not go well at all. I felt It was literally impossible for me to pass. During the exam I even counted the maximum possible marks that I could get and it was nowhere near 60 which was the passing mark. I was very lucky and fortunate to have had a Mulaqat(private audience) with Khalifatul Masih (aba) (the Caliph) a few days later. In the beginning Huzoor (aba) (His Holiness) asked me how my exams went and I unintentionally said they were all good. Then towards the end Huzoor (aba) asked me again about my exams and this time I remembered to mention that the Hadithpaper didn’t go well. Huzoor (aba) said to me in the Mulaqatregarding this exam that ‘Allah fazl kare ga’ i.e. ‘Allah will shower His blessings.’ When the results came I did not only scrape the passing mark of 60, but I had passed with a clear margin. This was something that seemed impossible but Khalifatul Masih’s prayers of just a few words were more powerful than anything and made the impossible, possible.