The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa)

A Glimpse into the Life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa)

The Holy Prophet’s (sa) Kindness 

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) was very kind to his servants. Hazrat Anas (ra) relates that he served the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) for ten years, but never once did the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) scold him. 

When Hazrat Imam Husain (ra) asked Hazrat Ali (ra) about the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s (sa) treatment of his companions, the latter said, ‘The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) always had a smile on his face. He possessed the highest of morals and had a kind and tender heart. He was not peevish or ill-tempered. He never used foul language nor shouted. He was neither over-critical nor miserly. He would ignore that which he disliked and would not respond to it. He had freed himself of three things: quarrelsome behaviour, arrogance and vile talk; and people were safe from him in three things: condemnation, backbiting and exposure of their weaknesses. He would only talk about things which were spiritually rewarding. People would speak only when he had finished speaking and would not talk to one another in his presence. If one of them was speaking, the others would listen in silence until he had finished. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) would listen to them attentively, would participate in their humour and would express amazement when something strange happened. Even when some stranger appeared and spoke to him, he would listen to him very attentively.’

The Perfect Man (Qadian, India: Nazarat Isha’at, 2015), 28-29.