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A Glimpse into the Life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa)

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The Holy Prophet’s (sa) Social Life

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) was full of kindness and compassion when dealing with his family and his companions. He would say, ‘The best among you is he who is best towards his family; and I am the best among you in kindness towards my family.’

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) lived a life free of formality. He would at times tell stories to his wives. He was extremely generous and kind-hearted to his family.

Hazrat Aishah (ra) has portrayed a beautiful picture of the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s (sa) domestic life. She says that she was once spinning cotton on the spinning wheel while the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) was mending his shoes. Perspiration was dripping from his forehead and his face was glistening with it. She says that she was looking at him attentively and was extremely fascinated by the beauty of what she saw. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) felt her glance and asked why she was looking at him in such amazement. Hazrat Aishah (ra) replied, ‘If the poet Abu Kabir Hudhali could see the perspiration on your forehead and the droplets glistening with light, he would have to admit that some of his verses apply first and foremost to you.’ Upon his request, she recited one of his verses:

‘The handsome contours of my beloved’s illuminating face resemble the lightning in the clouds.’

Hazrat Aishah (ra) further relates that when the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) heard this verse, he rose up with delight, came over to her, and kissed her forehead. He said, ‘May Allah reward you for this. I, perhaps, have enjoyed this verse more than you have enjoyed watching my face.’

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